Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Oh is there any better way to ride than bareback?

I am not sure that there is. Especially on a cold day, when the warm of the horse's body radiates to keep yours warm as well. I love it. And with a haffie, I have a built in hand warmer. Just slip those cold hands under her thick double mane. Corrie is also blessed with a thick winter coat, a coat that only a true pony can grow. She holds in the heat so well, never have to worry about her getting chilled and she can keep me warm too.

Except for my feet. There is that moment when the ride is over and I just sit there and think about slipping off. Knowing that my cold cold feet are going to smart when they hit the ground. That is the time to just grin and bare it. It is also the time I am so thankful for my rock of a mare, who just stands there while I decided to slip off.

I admit that I have been bad about riding. Seems we have had more cold days that tolerable ones. Today was a tolerable day and so I slipped on over to see my girl. I am getting lazy as I am getting brave. I didn't want a saddle, and if I don't have a saddle why mess with a bridle. Warming the bit, naw, rope halter it is.

Besides my balance is still not what it should be. And although there is no better way to get your balance back than to ride around bareback I am trying my best to keep her sensitive to the aides. I wobble a bit here and there. Corrie is tolerate and sweet natured, I don't want to ruin her mouth by pulling on it so a halter works fine. We practiced walking around and moving off of leg pressure, which is hard to do as I am trying to keep my balance and not use her sides to do it. She is pretty sensitive all things considered and would really hate to teach her to ignore my leg.

It was a short ride. I am working out at the Y too. My legs are getting stronger but at the same time they are still sore. My inner thighs were launching a complaint almost from the on set. Still I was on my pony and we had a good ride.

To think just a year ago I was afraid to even sit on a horse. My the things that can change in a year!

I have award. I'll share that next time. Also need to set my goals for this year.

Thanks for all the support

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Still HERE

Oh I am SO sorry to all my reader for leaving you for SO long. And So long is really an understatement isn't it!

My life has had some amazing changes take place in it. I found someone to help me out of a rut and he really did. In the process I have been out living life. Something that I had not been doing for a long time.

I am so happy to report to you that Corrie and I are going strong. She is back at Sensai's for the winter. He has an indoor after all. That has been a blessing, although I must confess I have not been riding as much as I would like.

I have joined the YMCA to get some much needed exercise and gain strength. I have not been doing too hot on the weight loss front, but getting healthier is going really well.

Another draw on my time is a special someone. Special someone does not really close, although we do get together once a week. I am smitten I admit it! He has met Corrie and dubbed her Emo Horse. LOL. He was very upset that we forgot to bring her an apple or a carrot and we discovered that she does not like tic tacs.

This is just a short note to let you all know that I am alive and well. I will write a longer post soon. Promise!