Friday, July 8, 2011

Exercise Excuses

I have gained weight. A lot! But as I write this, I proud to say I just got back from a 30 minute bike ride.

I am the excuse queen when it comes to exercise. It is too hot. I am tired. I missed the class I wanted to attend. It is too cold. I can't find the remote for the Wii. Do I need to go on?

Over the last several months I have a role model for exercising. I don't know if he knows he has been a role model for me but I have been watching his attitude towards daily exercise. That person is M, my special man friend. He has been a wonderful role model for exercising.

This guy runs outside almost everyday. When it was cold, he ran. When the side walks were covered in snow, he ran. When it was rainy, he ran. When there was a heat advisory, he ran. Okay for that one I told him he was stupid and he agreed. But he doesn't use the excuse that the weather is not perfect, he just does it. Even when he is busy and ends up running a night he still goes. I might be down for a visit, but I know he is probably going to pop out to go to the gym. It is important to him and he makes it a priority. Now when I am relucant to go and workout I do think about how he never allows an excuse to keep him from exercise.

I have to stay that for as important as execise is to him, he never pressures me. He is fine if I lose some weight and he is fine if I gain some weight. He wants me to be healthy, but he accepts me the way I am. That has made it so much easier for me to just observe him and learn.

Now, when I start to think it is too hot or too cold or too late or .... I think about how M would not use that as an excuse. I am not as good as he is, but I am getting better.


  1. I wish I could stop making exercise excuses! I have about a month and a half to figure out how to fit into my chaps! I've gone as far as recording episodes of Gilad's Bodies in Motion. Last night I actually got my exercise mat out of the closet. Now if only I can put that all together and actually start exercising! lol

  2. Isn't it great to have a role model as a motivator? It is amazing how that can work - and then how good you feel about following through.
    Keep up the exercise... just remember to move! Park your car farther away from the stores or from work... every little bit helps!

  3. Oh... and congrats on getting out there! Hooray for you! (Don't forget to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments!)

  4. He sounds really sweet and understanding. :) I'm glad he's motivating you to get out and exercise by his good example. It's hard, but you can eventually learn to enjoy it. Keep up the great work!!


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