Friday, July 1, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Yes, I have been absent from the blogger scene, even worse I have been absent from the barn.

When I most needed my pony I wouldn't go out. WHY? Well this is really embarrassing from the queen of "think positive" but I just was feeling so negative. I kept making excess, which Sensei informed me were not good enough. At first they were actually reasonable, I think. I would want to get lunch after working out at the YMCA or it was raining and I knew my horse would be wet. Those didn't really fly with Sensei either. Then it was just embarrassment that I had gone a whole month without seeing my horse. I got depressed about it and I felt down. Honestly not just about that but about other things in my life too. I let things spiral.

Looking back I feel really silly. I know that going for a ride would have boosted my mood and given me better out look just because I would be engaging in something I enjoy. Well, I am back out at the barn again. I am getting razzed from Sensei but I deserve it, and it is all good natured.

Emotions really can take us for a ride unless we decide to take control. It is not enough to want to go and ride, because I really did want to. It requires action. Sometimes when I get down I just don't want to be active. I want to hide. That is where good support comes in . . . and I don't mean in a bra (although in riding that is important too!) I have a few good friends that are really good about kicking my butt when I am down and telling me to get up and get moving again.

Really! They don't sit there and stroke my ego. They tell me to get off my ass and start doing things to make changes in my life that I want. It is nice to sit around and have pity parties from time to time, but I value those friends of mine that just don't fall for it. They tell me like is and push me to action. Thanks Guys!


  1. Sorry you've been down. I get that way too. It's so hard to get motivated sometimes. :) I'm glad you're back and feeling better than ever.

  2. Yes, been there done that. Glad your back in the saddle again.

  3. I know what you mean about getting in a rut! Been there done that. I found that if I "have" to at least see my horses, just to feed, or pet, or do some task, then I can't stay out of the saddle long. Yet, if I allow some one else to do it for me, my desire to ride doesn't come up as fast. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's not that silly, and you're not alone in it, but good for you for getting back out there.

  4. Well good for you!
    After one year of not riding after I was kicked in the face by my mare, I finally moved forward today and.......I rode!!!!!! Whooohooo!



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