Friday, February 24, 2012

Tranitional Haflinger Horse Race

Picture it ... a field of golden ponies all running like thoroughbreds. It happens. In Meran, Italy the race  season is kicked off at Maia Racecourse of Merano by these noble little ponies running like the big boys on Easter weekend. With much fan fare, including a parade through the streets, the Haflinger star in not only a horse raise, but demonstrations of western riding and even a trotting race.

 In this video we see the snippets of the whole spectacle. The first half shows the parade with people in traditional costume playing music as the they walk through the seats. Many beautiful Haflinger ponies are show cased in the procession also. With riders of all sorts and sizes. At marker 3:17 we see a pair of cute girls. One in traditional dress and the other just a tot riding in a western saddle. The parade ends with a street cleaner.

Then on to the races! Men and woman ride these golden wonders what is sure to be an exciting race.I love to see the Haffies on their way to the field. In America these would be the ponies leading that big race horses to the track to at this track today, they are the stars. This next video shows more of the race and even tells a bit more about it, unfortunately it is in German, but it is still fun to watch.
 Apparently at the Meran Mais Racecourse they also have a Haflinger steele chase. Now that would be something to see too!


  1. What a HOOT!!

    I wonder if they let foreigners ride? I would race one of those babies ;-)


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