Thursday, December 24, 2009

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I am moving my blog. I just like some of the features here better. My old blog and webpage can be seen here .

Anyway so I'll cover the basics over again:
I am a fearless rider, or at least that is what I am striving for. I am a typical entering middle age rider. I grew up with horses and they have always been an important part of my life. Then I had a few falls off a TB gelding I owned awhile back and realized, WOW, I'm breakable. I don't heal as quickly any more and this tb is too much for me!

It was a horrible realization, but I knew I could not survive without horses so I down sized. Miniature horses! I still have three: Ike, Madison, and Rocky. They live and home with me and I really want to drive them more. Ike knows how to drive and I want to teach Madison. Rocky is very little and just my bud.

The minis were great, but I wanted to ride. I so I traded two of the minis I had at the time for a riding horse that turned out to have neurological issues. Well, really undiagnosed neurological issues. My vet really felt that was the issue. I also realized that I did have some fear issues. So I started taking lessons.

Those lessons were going so well, I was back up to cantering on a lunge again. It was wonderful. I was so happy that I had not lost my seat and started to feel so comfortable again. I decided it was time to start looking for a horse. I found a nice Percheron mare that had been used in a therapeutic riding program. She had developed a few issues, but heck she had to be pretty calm to be used in a therapeutic riding program right?

Wrong! First of all my trainer turned out to have some mental issues, so I dropped her. Abby was good for the most part, except she was very strong. Without and indoor and having such a large horse that rips up the ground I had a hard time getting on her the following spring. One excuse lead to another and they continued for two years.

Now I had a large, strong, mare who had sat for two years. I started doing work with her on the ground but decided I either had to ride her or sell her. I love her to pieces and so finally this fall I got on her. My fear was stronger than I though. I was thinking that if we took things slow that it would be fine.

Long story short ( I know too late) I fell off and broke my wrist. Most of this is on my other blog.

Now I am healing mentally and physically. I have a new horse and yes I still have Abby.

Tomorrow I will do a list of characters.

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