Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting to Know You. . .

Getting to know a new horse is always so much fun. Finding their qirks, likes dislikes, and what makes then tick.

I was messing around taking pictures and I discovered a cute little upside down Micky Mouse on Kinsey's lip. Although nobody else believe me because she is a very mouthy girl and any time I try to show them on her her little lip goes a~wiggling!

But see here, cute little Mickey Mouse.

Kinsey love salt, girl after my own heart. Pretzels are a favorite of her, as are peppermints, apples, carrots, peppermint ( she really love peppermint), other assorted horesy treat. Although her barn mate's owner's rock hard ginger snaps did not make her approval.

Another thing Kinsey likes to do is jump. Yes she demonstrated this about a week ago when she was turned out in the indoor and leaped over the 3 ft gate and ran out the door to enjoy some nice turnout time. Lucky the power to peppermint came to the rescue. Which leads to Kinsey's 1st dislike. She does not really like to be caught. She is a little anxious about humans on the ground.

She is also anxious about humans her in her stall. It is really sad to see her trying to avoid the people in her stall. She looks like she wants to hide in the corner. I just reminds me that both Kinsey and I have things to work on.

I am getting anxious to ride her. I have decided that I will ride her in February. Not a completely arbitrary date. I am hoping to drop some more weight and let her get in a little better shape.


  1. Since she's a girl maybe it's Minnie Mouse!
    Happy New Year and good luck with Kinsey!

  2. That Mickey Mouse on her lip is soooooooooo cute!!!!!! It is a lot of fun learning about a new horse. I've been enjoying that with Chrome. :) I'm rooting for you on your first ride in February. You can do it!


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