Friday, August 6, 2010

Black Horse Chapter Closed

“We all want everything to be wonderful. Every woman wants to sit upon a horse dressed in bells and go riding off through the boundless green and sensual forest.
~Clarissa Estes

Abby is gone. This makes me sad.

The quote at the top of the post, which I found in a big huge book of horse quotes I just bought, seems to really fit the situations with Abby. I had been told by almost everyone how beautiful she was. She was gorgeous! I even had perfect strangers tell me that women buy horses like Abby for romantic reasons. This might very well be true. The few ride I had on Abby made me think of brave knights riding off to fight dragons.

Although I did develop a good relationship with Abby, there was always a little romance dancing in the back of my mind. Big beautiful black mare with a flowing mane and a high stepping gait. I could watch and marvel at her for hours.

Abby is now with a nice family that Sensei knows. She is going to have a job and be used for what she was bred to do, drive. The wife, of course, just thinks she is beautiful and fell in love with her. She is still in the area too. Although Sensei is knows where she is, I don’t.

It is all for the best. That chapter has closed. A new exciting one is starting. Corrie will be coming home soon.


  1. Your Sensei has found her a new good home where she will be loved and appreciated. You will always remember her with fondness. Your Corrie will be a great new chapter in your horse life.

  2. That is wonderful Abby got a good driving home. I think the road will be a little less bumpy from here on.

  3. Oh exciting news about Corrie coming home! Must mean you are ready for her. Glad Abbey got a good home where she will be used like she was bred for.

  4. Your story reminds me of what my friend Renee is going through with her big black beautiful Missouri Foxtrotter mare. She's finally accepted that she's too much horse for her at this time in her life and is trying to find her a good home.
    Like you, it was very intoxicating for her to own such a beautiful, romantic horse that so many people seemed to covet. I think one reason she may have kept her so long was because it was so satisfying to know that she was the owner of such a beautiful horse and that no one else could have her.
    But you can't ride only beauty.

    So, I hope she finds the perfect horse for her, just like you are with Corrie.
    I'm glad that you and your Sensei found Abby a good home.

    New Chapter can continue :)


  5. I'm sorry you had to give her up, but I agree Corrie is a whole new exciting chapter.


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