Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday: Accountability

I have been slacking in the weight loss area. First it got hot and was hard to exercise, and then I was always out at the barn and working with Corrie, and of course work picked up and I was doing a lot there. So ya know, things fall by the way side.

Unfortunately in this area of my life "things" are always popping up. I think I posted once before about Jillian Micheal book, in it she talks about three people you need to make changes in your life. One of which is an accountability partner. Just someone you are responsible to talk to to make sure that you are on track. I have not had anyone like that in my life for weight loss. So I found someone. So things should start getting back on track. It is really helpful to have that push from someone else. Knowing that I actually do have to tell another person if I screw up also helps.

I do have an accountability partner on the horse front, Sensei. On that note, I got a little lecture from Sensei when he came out for my lesson because I have not been working Corrie at home. Ya know I did do ground work for a few days and I rode her once. She has not even been here a week, but I was at the barn faithfully every day working her. Now I am slacking because she is here. I need to clean the barn and fix the fence and the ever popular, well I'll do work with her later. So I am going to be making more of an effort to work with Corrie too. If not I'll disappoint Sensei and he give me that disappointed father look. I really hate that look.

So if you are struggling to make a change in your life, my advice is to find that accountability partner. It can be a friend, trainer, partner, someone who is struggling with the same issues or not. Just find someone that you have to report to if you start to slack. Someone you can trust, someone that can give you that look or added guilt for not meeting your goals. It helps, it really does.

Pictures of the harness tomorrow, I was running late . . . more disappoint Sensei looks. So I didn't get them today.


  1. The pictures are adorable. Good advice re the accountability partner.

  2. Good suggestions - do you have an accountability partner?

    Just do one thing at a time, but just do it, however small - every small step takes you forward - don't worry about what's behind you, just focus on what's ahead.

  3. I need an accountability partner lol. :) I'm so happy Corrie is home and has settled in so well. I'm also very glad she doesn't have laminitis. What a relief!

    Everyone needs some downtime, but you do have to be careful that you don't get lazy. I do that all the time. I'm a world class procrastinator lol! Now that my back is injured and I can't do anything (even sweep the house!!) I'm really wanting to do all of those things I really didn't want to do lol. Isn't human nature so funny? :D

  4. Looking forward to the harness pics :)

  5. Don't let too much time I've done. It's been 4 months since I've ridden Apache more than simply around the back yard. Of course, she's lame now, but I could still take my daughter for pony rides so Apache wouldn't get too lazy.
    It's like exercise, you just tend to talk yourself out of doing it, and make up excuses. And with me, there's that fear and lack of self confidence building up. Oy!

    Take care of yourself and try to live life to it's fullest, k?



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