Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corrie out with the herd


Corrie was really cute today. I thought she would be totally trying to be alpha mare. Instead she is acting like the new kid at school. If I got out to the pasture she is right there with me. Otherwise she looks a little lost. I think she wants to make friends, especially with Ike and Rocky ( she is in heat). It will be interesting to see how she fits into the herd.

I want Corrie to become comfortable with the pasture areas as that is where I will ride and drive her at first. I already did some ground work out there with her and she was fairly focused. She looked around, but mainly stayed with her attention on me.

Then she went out with Ike, Sophie, and Madison.

But she has to wear a grazing muzzle and the flies are awful so she wears a fly mask too. Looks like she is into bondage or something doesn't it?

She had a good roll.

And looks at how much weight she has lost! Looks pretty good huh?!

Pretty good second day I'd say.


  1. looking good. I like her fly mask. How do you like it? What brand is it?

  2. Golden, Thanks :) The fly mask is from Absorbine. I like the longer nose on it. I also would be totally comfortable riding in it as it is so sheer. I do have to admit that this is the second one I got. The first one must have gotten caught on something. But I bought it from a local farm store and they replaced it for free. I also use a fly spray with sunscreen in it. Corrie's lil' pink nose already got sunburned once this summer.

  3. Maisie was wearing the grazing muzzle/fly mask combo today too!

  4. Corrie looks good. I'll have to use a grazing muzzle on Jaz when I bring him back here from Heather's. Poco is cast iron, but Jaz will colic from pigging out if I don't give him several days to acclimate. Fortunately, he's pretty good natured about it.

  5. Oh man that is funny the grazing muzzle with the fly mask! Cute pics though!

  6. Our whole herd wears fly masks. Some are getting their grazing muzzles back too, they're a little chubby now.

    Great pictures, I'm sure she'll make lot of friends.

  7. She looks good, and happy, even with the grazing muzzle on.

  8. She really looks great! Very shiny and sleek. She has such a long, pretty, and thick tail. Gorgeous!
    Poor Corrie with all the face gear. It's funny how she still tries to graze anyway. Can she pull a few blades of grass through the holes?

    I like that fly mask. It does look very shear. I think I might get one for Apache for next year. The ones I have now are white and quite thick. I can't see her eyes at all.
    Do the minis have fly masks, too? Or do they not make them small enough?


  9. Awwww she is sooo cute! I'm glad she's settling in. She'll feel at home in no time. :)


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