Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Corrie is coming home!

During the past few weeks I have been mentally preparing for Corrie to come home. I have also been trying a few more things at the barn. I wanted to iron out few more things before I could not just call out and have Sensei come running to help.

*I rode her in the pasture by herself, while everyone else went back in after group riding activity. I passed with flying colors, she sucked.

*Took her for a quick drive down the road which ended with Sensei trying to grab the reins for the first time ever. So we had to work through that and I am not planning on driving outside my pasture until we are totally comfortable with that.

*I took her for another drive a few days later and both of us did much better. Still going to wait to drive her outside the pasture here.

Those last few test, particularly keeping her in the pasture as the rest of the people I was with went in really gave me a lot of confidence. Corrie really wanted to spin and take off for the barn. Although she never got above a trot the intent to run off was there. I handled it and was not afraid. Woo Hoo for me!

Last thing we need to do before she comes come is get her feet taken care of. Corrie doesn't have her shoes on yet, well actually now she might. She is getting them on tonight. Tomorrow Sensei is going to watch her and see how she is. Just to make sure that she is adjusting to her shoes fine. He also happens to be her farrier. Then Friday morning she is coming home! Yippy!!!

Good bye round pen, indoor arena, and on site trainer/ farrier. Hello trails, instant access, and riding and driving as much as I want. I think it is a good trade off this time of the year. When the snow flies she will go back to Sensei's. In winter "indoor area" kicks "instant access" butt. Besides the trail by my house is tended by a snowmobile club and it is closed to everyone else when the trail is covered in snow. Right now, she will be here so I can enjoy her as much as I want.

Counting the hours.


  1. Yaa! so much fun to have her at home, and Sensai is only so far away if you have troubles you can ask or go back for help.

  2. It will be great to have her home. Hope she adjusts quickly.

  3. That will be fun, having her at home - and very nice to be able to take her back to Sensai's in the winter - I'm jealous of your indoor!

  4. I do as you're doing - we bring our horses home for the summer - back to the indoor in winter. Bets of both worlds. Enjoy!

  5. Good idea to test her, and you, out while Corrie is still at the barn with Sensei. Sounds like the two of you are coming along and once home you'll both keep growing and bonding together.
    Best of all you're confident and know what to do with Corrie when she acts up.
    You go girl!


  6. Great job handling her out in the pasture without the group! That can be the most difficult time because horses are such herd animals by nature. I'm excited for you. I bet you can't wait to get her home. :)


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