Sunday, January 10, 2010

Excuses, excuses!!

Ellen's quote from tomorrow [don' task that is just the way it worked out] got me thinking, she seems to always hit the nail on the head doesn't she? I know keep saying I want to lose weight, workout, write more, and so many other things and yet where does the time go? By the end of the day I can not figure out when I did all day. I mean I watched a little tv, ran to the store, fed the horses, played on the computer, etc. You get the picture. Sometime it really does seem like I have been busy, but sometimes that is all it was, being busy. Not really getting anything done, but doing a whole lot of it.

Recently I actually had a reason, I was tired all the time. I would get up and within half an hour I wanted to go back to sleep again. I would slug around and eventually make it up to do something physical, which would really wipe me out and I would want to sleep again. The whole day went on like that. I eventually went to the doctor.

I have a great Doctor, she is not a MD but an DO, or doctor of osteopathic medicine. An DO differs from a MD in a few ways, although equally trained the DO is more holistic. They evaluate the whole person both physically and emotionally. They don't just exam the body in parts but also look at the body as a whole. So when I went in for a physically I had fasting blood work done, plus a few other things. My blood work came back with great results for cholesterol, triglycerides, and all that other stuff.

Surprising though, I found out I have very low vit D levels. Where we should have levels around 50, mine were around 14. For me, my muscles were weak, and hurt when I exercised, but that happens when you are out of shape and starting to exercise, except for me it didn't go away. I was tired. So tired, especially after I broke my wrist and was not outside. But I was a little depressed, I mean I fell off my horse after I was trying to make such gains in getting back to riding.

I am so happy that I finally went to doctor and got and diagnosis. I am an nature girl. I am outside a lot, so the idea that I would have a vit d deficiency did not even enter my mind. I found out though that if you are over weight, have a BMI of 30 or more, the fat takes the vit. D and alters it. I also don't drink fortified milk, if I drink milk it is my own goat's milk.

Now, after taking a vit. D supplement for 2 weeks, I have energy. My muscles ache, but not in the same way and mostly because I am exercising. I can not believe that I went so long without seeking medical advice. I was having nightmares about horrible diseases and then going to the other extreme of thinking I was just lazy.

Excuses are bad, but sometimes it is important to see if there is a reason. By the way, I still need to go in for a follow up check up. I just assume my weight is the reason for the deficiency, but there could be other reasons too.

Oh if you want to know more about Vit D Def. check out WebMd. A lot of people are deficient and just don't know it. Most doctors suggest a vit D supplement as well as a multi vitamin.

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  1. I'm so glad you figured that out! For me my tiredness was from low thyroid, but it wouldn't surprise me if I did have a low Vit. D too since I get depressed in the winter. :) I do the exact same thing you did about not wanting to go to the doctor because I'm afraid of a huge, life altering disease or discovery. I'm happy it was something so easily fixed. :)


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