Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Really? Its Wednesday?

Well it is for very happy reasons that I have not blogged in almost a week. I have gained so much energy that I am actually doing things! Part of this is because of the vit. D, and part of it is because of the weight loss. I guess part is also just the out look I take on life now.

Well to some things up, I did lose 2 pounds last week, grand total is 15 lbs! I met my other goals too. So that made me feel so much better.

I have new goals:
1) lost 2 more pounds.
2) start How to Get Along with Difficult People. I am a people pleaser and I am trying to be more assertive. I find it hard to stand up for my rights and not let others control me. So hopefully I will get some tips.
3) ground drive Ike 4 times this week. It is cold out there darn it, but I am trying.
4) come up with some ideas to help poor Kinsey. She is a tormented soul.

Well I have been looking into what to do with Kinsey. I have made a very half heart attempt to sell her by putting up a Craig's List ad. I didn't even put on a picture so I bet that is not going to go any where. Someone would have to really be the right person.

I have been looking into ulcers. She fits the bill of a horse that would be prone to them. Stalled a lot, under stress, recently moved, and what not. Instead of having her scoped I am just going to go ahead a treat her. It ends up being much cheaper, and won't hurt her.

I am also lo0king into some more way out there alternatives. As I learn more about them I'll post. They include simple things and some really weird, but doesn't hurt the horse things. She is just a very distraught horse right now. Her eyes tell of a horse that really wants help. Her actions say, I'm not okay right now. In a month she is coming home and I hope a lot of healing can start then.

I went out to see her and play around on the ground with her the other day. After getting the ants out of her pants we had a long talk. She is stressed, confused, and leery of the arena now. I told her she was for sale, but only if the right person came along and I explained why. Am I wacked out? I don't know but I really think she did understand some and think she had things to tell me too.


  1. Let me know how that book works for you. I might need to read it. I have the exact same personality you describe (a people pleaser) and I get walked all over. I think you should definitely try the ulcer treatment. Let us know if it helps. I'm glad you're bringing her home. Poor horse.

    Have you looked into anything like Bach Rescue Remedy for Kinsey? It might help calm her down some and can't hurt her. I've never tried it but I've read great things about it. I also give Probios anytime my horse has gone through a stressful situation and after everytime I worm them.

    I'm glad you're doing so well! You've made great progress and I enjoy hearing how you're doing.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss so far! WW is such a great program. It really teaches people a new lifestyle instead of a temporary fix.

  3. Oh and don't feel wacked out for having your conversation with Kinsey. I was really stressed today (had a bad day at work) and I went out to sit with Chrome while he ate his hay and sang to him (more for me than him lol). It was relaxing and made me feel better. I talk to my animals all the time. :)


Thank you so much for your positive comments. I love you hear from you!