Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Goals

Okay craptastic weekend aside, here is the scoop from past week.

1) Lose 2 lbs. by drinking h2o and tracking my WW points. a I actually lost 3 and got my 5% star for losing 5% of my start weight!
2) Finish That Winning Feeling Very close.
3) Try some different exercises this week. a I actually got Wii Active. I started the 30 day challenege.
4) See Kinsey and ride CJ. I want to ride Kinsey next month. . . mostly so she'll be a little more fit and I will be a little more thin! a I obviously saw Kinsey but I did not mention that I did ride CJ and actually trotted a few steps. I am actually not very comfortable in a western saddle, but it was good.

New Goals:
1) lose 2 more lbs.
2) Finish That Winning Feeling
3) Keep up with the 30 day challenge
4) I am not sure whatto put here this week.
Okay so I am calmed down a little. Eventually I will be able to ride a horse like Kinsey. I was just really bummed that now I don't have a horse to get my confidence back on again. And that I have two horses that I can't ride; and a few other issues. I mean besides CJ but I hate to use him too much, not that I work him hard.

I am going to be taking some driving lessons. A local halflinger breeder gives driving lessons. That should be fun, and I can start driving my little guy.

I also got sick, and feel like total crap.


  1. Sorry about Kinsey but the driving lessons sound like a lot of fun. :) Great job on the goals!! Give yourself a big pat on the back.

  2. Hey, just commenting back about the eggs I'm hatching. I have trouble keeping the brown eggs straight, but they could be from the Cochins, the Reds, the Dominique or the Brahmas. They are going to be total mutts. :) I guess if you look at all my animals I like mutts (Chrome, Jackal, chickens). I like the uniqueness and the surprise. :) We are planning to hatch some pure Dominiques and Brahmas eventually, but we aren't set up to separate this from the rest of the flock at this time. :) It's going to be so much fun seeing what we get. Good luck with your chickens!

  3. Thanks!

    I'll have to see how things pan out with Kinsey.

    I love my mutt chickens too. I would like to have an area of some purebreds, maybe i will work on that this summer


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