Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Video Review: About Saddle Fit

Another Giddyupflix rental, I don't get paid by them but it is a really nice rental place. Much better than buying all these videos. Especially one like About Saddle Fit: What Everyone Needs to Know About Saddle Fitting, chocked full of practical information, but one that I am not going to be watching over and over again.

This video discusses the basics of how a saddle is put together, what it is supposed to do, how tell if your saddle fits your horse, and a few hints of what to do if the saddle doesn't fit. I admit that it is pretty basic, but there was a lot that I didn't know. For example, do you know why you should use a back cinch? That the fore cinch and back cinch should be equally tight? Or how to properly use only one cinch on a western saddle?

Not only does the narrator, a master saddle maker who's name escapes me, tell you all this information, but also shows you why. He has all the parts of the saddle and shows how it all goes together. He show why many of the common measurement we use to describe a saddle aren't that accurate and what you really should look for. Just basic information that, as the title says, everyone should know.

This is a well made video that is very informative. The narrator is knowledgeable and easy to understand. You won't be a master saddle fitter or builder after watching this video but you will be able to choose a saddle much more wisely and have a better understanding of how the saddle works.

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  1. I've recently gotten a big lesson on saddle fitting and use of the rear cinch. Wish I'd learned this 3 years ago!


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