Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting things figured out

Awhile back I wrote down that I had some things to decide. I had figured out that I like to drive. Also that I do want to ride and yet I did not have any horses that would further that goal to start riding. That went hand in hand with, I have too many horses. I wanted to really start working with all of them, but that was too much. I was stuck at that point for quite awhile. I really didn't know what to do. I knew that I was going to have to spend some money and bring in a professional.

At that point my weight loss and fitness goals sort of stood still too. Spending money and the frustrations with too little time and not having horses that were ridable was really getting to me. Bumps in the road. Those little frustrations that make me want to just say, "oh forget it!"

It was the best decisions I made, to sell Kinsy. Knowing that that egg wasn't going to hatch sent me made me reevaluate again. I am finding that I am doing that a lot on this journey. Keeping an eye on what I want, and then adjusting my journey to continue on towards that goal. What else can I do? I'm not giving up, and I am not going to stand still either. Not this time. Keep moving forward.

In a previous comment, Breathe from HorseCentric, mentioned about this being a journey of self discovery. I am finding that so true. With each stumbling block I have to really think about what is important to me. Getting back in the saddle is very multifaceted. Weight, fitness, riding skills, driving, etc. I find that as one part might get a bit stuck it effects the others too. Sometimes I looks focus. that is when a support system is so nice. Just a gentle nudge in the right directions. Sometimes it is as little as a reminder of where I am going.

This blog, friends, family, a trainer, and other sources all keep me moving in the right directions. Minor detours, like Kinsey, are to be expected. Those bumps often so me off track that I don't know how to start again. I really think I am on the right path again though.

Few things I have to do now:
* Sell Abby . . I have to sell her before I get a new horse.
* Continue on the weight loss and fitness path . . . I actually have a number I want to be below.
* Get Ike driving . . . he is ready once I get the shafts
* Continue on with lessons, riding in particular.

THEN I will start looking for a new horse to ride. I am really going to try to stick to this before getting a new horse. I don't want to be lamenting that I have too many horses again or that I can ride them.


  1. Sounds like a really good, thought-out plan. Can't wait for pictures of Ike driving!

  2. Wow sounds like you have an excellent plan, I too have too many horses, none suitable for riding right now, but am working on it as well.

  3. You should make a stone boat. I started making one today. Cost me about 10$. Got two pallets from the feed store, scrap sheet metal for the runners, 6$ in chains and had the snaps for the traces. Easy peasy. Works in the snow too ;) just add a straw bale to sit on.

  4. Good plans and your heart seems to be in it...praying for the time to pass and all to happen accordingly!

  5. Thanks all :)

    Sydney Check out my post on Ickle Pickle.:) I have a neat little sled and haul stuff around the yard with it. Need to get my shaft to actually sit and drive, Ike is too little to just pull me on a stone boat.

  6. It's always good to have a plan and stick to it. I sometimes have great plans but then something comes up and it falls by the wayside. Hope you can achieve all you want to with your journey with your horses.

  7. Like you I learned the hard way that I was stuck in the pits and lost my way and didn't have any goals or any way to make any, it seemed.

    When I bought my mare, Baby Doll I just wanted a horse...a trail horse. I though all horses could be trail horses. I found out that's not true, at least not with the wrong rider/horse combination. She and I were not a good match on the trail. She was great in the arena, but I realized that arena work was boring for me.

    Now, with Apache, I realize that Apache is bored by arena work, too, but loves to move out on the trails. I think we are a much better match. She is also curious and interested while out on the trail...and willing to try things I ask her, while Baby Doll snorted at everything and tried to ignore what was going on around us.
    Like you, I know now that selling Baby Doll was the right thing to do for her and I. And now Apache and I can travel our journey together down the trails.

    I commend you for refocusing on what you want to do with your future and have devised a plan to get there. I'm doing the same thing and my horse is helping me do that, too.

    Good luck to both of us!


  8. I know how you feel about one thing going wrong knocking everything else off track. I'm that way too. And when things do start to go wrong I just give up on everything. I have a lot of trouble self motivating.

    You did make the right decision and as hard as it will be I agree about waiting to sell her and get things sorted before you go looking for another horse. And make sure to not start looking until you are 100% ready otherwise you might end up with one too soon like I did with Chrome. Things were very rough when I first got him and I thought several times that I shouldn't have because we weren't ready financially and space wise. Things worked out fortunately but it was a HUGE learning curve.

    You will find the right horse. It's completely impossible for there to not be a perfect horse out there for you. :) Keep up the good work.


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