Friday, May 28, 2010

What a wonderful sucky day

Oh I am smiling as I write that, but at the same time my heart is breaking.

I had Abby in the round pen yesterday. She walked, trotted, cantered for me. She stopped, did inside turns in and in general just did everything I asked. Then I took her into the arena and again, followed me around, turned on the fore hand, turned on her hind quarters, back and followed me. She just did everything I asked. She was wonderful.

Damn it!

It makes it hard to keep her up for sale, but as I tried to gazed over her back, loved on her and almost got my foot stepped on, I know she it too big for me. Yet I really want to ride her. Maybe one last time? Am I crazy to want to try and ride the horse that is associated with the only broken bone in my entire family?

Today I had an asthma attack when I went out so I didn't do as much. I got the video. I also got a really low offer on Abby. Trade for a saddle. I honestly would like a western saddle. I honestly am not sure I want trade Abby for one. I think she is worth much more than that, but at the same time the woman sounded like a good match for Abby and the longer I keep her the longer I have to pay board on her.

* * *
Well all make mistakes, and there is a price to pay for those mistakes. Mine is more ground work. Now don't get me wrong, I know how important ground work is. I am just getting sick to death of doing ground work, I have been doing it for years. Now that I am getting so much more confident I want to ride and I want to drive.

I messed Ike up. I had him try to pull too much weight too soon and now he is getting balky. So it is back to almost square one. We we'll call it square two. He is pulling the empty sled. I started adding light things to it as I walked around the yard, but not the barrel that he used to pull. Which means that when I get the shafts it may still be awhile before I actually get to drive while sitting in it.

We also are working on driving by scary things, like the blue recycling bin and the little flags in the yard to mark where we have phone lines. Ya know those things from Diggers Hotline. Well we were getting pretty good at the bin and Ike figure out how to handle the flags, he bit them and pulled them out. I guess that works.


  1. Beth ~ I don't know you, of course, but I can't help but hear a tone of doubt (or maybe just sadness)in you whenever you write about parting with Abby. I know you just sold Kinsey, and that was a really direct, clear-cut decision that you were gutsy to make. Is there any reason you need to make this decision about Abby just now? I think you have a deep connection to this horse, and I wonder whether it might haunt you to let her go.

  2. Driving with a cart that has wheels and driving with something thats dragging are two different pieces of the same cake. Once the horse offers the initial tug with a cart on wheels the pressure is taken off. With wheels a horse can pull roughly 3 times his weight. Without wheels it's a lot harder mentally and physically on a horse, but good practice non the less. I have a stoneboat I just built that works great.

    Try driving without blinders if you aren't already. A larger number of horses than you would think are a lot more spooky with blinders because theres a spot they can't see monsters. I believe all horses should be started with an open bridle and be driven in it for a wile. I could tell you a horror story about a horse only driven in blinders that one day got his bridle off and seen the cart. Not cool.

  3. Muddy K~ It is sadness. I really do like Abby. I like her a lot. But it is just not a good fit. I keep my horses, most of the time, in my backyard. Riding Abby out on the trail or in the yard is so difficult. If I do have to get off on the trail, I would be sunk, I can not get back on her. I am a little nervous to ride her in the arena at the stable where she is not, I am not sure if I really could ride her comfortably and confidently. She is just so big for me. And I don't think it is fair for her to be a pasture pet at her age. She need to know how to do a job.

    I really want to make sure that if there is a problem I fix it before going on. That is why I really want him to be able to do some pulling. Since he is such a little guy, he is going to feel some tug on those tugs.

    Good to hear you are enjoying your stoneboat. I'd like to see how you made it sometime.

    I have driven Ike in a halter and open bridle. I agree, don't want the horse to all of a sudden realize, O.M.G. there is something back there. lol

  4. I wish you lived closer. I would sooooo buy Abby. And size isn't an issue, in fact 16.1hh is perfect for me (I'm 5'10"). Oh well. If wishes were horses lol. I'm sure you will find someone perfect for her. I also would be hesitant to trade her for a saddle though . . . I know the economy is bad, but sheesh. Of course you don't mention how expensive of a saddle it is lol. I wish I could be of more help.

    I'm sure Ike will figure it out in no time. Don't beat yourself up for mistakes. Use them as a chance to learn. :) That's what I have to tell myself lol because I beat myself up all the time! I know I'm a few posts behind again and I can't wait to catch up to see what else you're doing.


Thank you so much for your positive comments. I love you hear from you!