Thursday, May 6, 2010

Video Review: Earning Your Horse's Trust

Earning Your Horse's Trust with Gawani Pony Boy is a basic video that deals with round penning. Almost any video on round penning is going to cover the same material. How to move your horse around, getting an inside and outside turn, and getting the horse to follow you. It is not a bad video if these are new concepts to you. I found it to be a tad slow, but the material was not new to me.

On the plus side he works with two horses that are new to round penning. Both reacted a little differently so you get an idea of how respond to different problems. He does a good job of explaining what he is doing, which is nice because I find many personalities who do these videos are not very good at communication. The information is sound and easy to follow.

Again, this is just the basics and if you have any round penning experience, it is nothing new. There are some hokey spots where we hear the horses thoughts on the process. It is done in real time so it moves a little slow. My copy lost audio half way through. I rented it from Giddy Up Flix and that happens from time to time. I didn't think I really missed anything. I was actually expecting much more out of this video so to me it was a bit of a disappointment.

Over all I give this an Okay. Not spectacular but if you have never done any round pen work you might get something out of it.


  1. I have seen him in person. Hes a pretty neat guy.

  2. I don't have an issue with him as a person, or even has a horsemen. His stuff was right. It was just a much more basic video than i was looking for.

  3. Beth- I most certainly do drive bitless! I've even shown bitless. The photo on my header of me driving Indigo is bitless. Indigo has not had a bit in her mouth since a couple months after I got her.

  4. Shown driving, bitless and riding.


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