Friday, February 12, 2010


"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving" Albert Einstein

Life for me for the past few years has brought me to understand that balance is so important. Balance not just on the horse horse, but off the horse as well. I am sure I am not the only one. We all have to balance working, playing, family, friends, and our health and well being. I don't know about you but I suck at juggling.

I got a little off balance for a few weeks. I did, I was about to fall off the horse. I was so bummed about Kinsey, I was not sticking to exercise or what I was eating. I was not sure, still am not sure what I am gong to do about all these horses. I was looking at the ground. We all know what happens if we are looking at the ground while we ride. . . that is where we end up?

Same off the horse. I just realized I was walking around with my head down, my shoulders slumped. As an old riding instructor used to tell me, look where you are going. If you are looking at the ground, that is where you will go. I was looking at the items in life that were not working instead of looking where I want to go.

Don' t worry, I got my eyes off the ground and straight between the horses ears again. I have lost weight again, I am exercises again, and I am getting ideas of what to do with the horses. So much is looking up I really have no reason to complain.


  1. Just answering your question from my blog about the picture of those two hens I posted for Wordless Wednesday. Those are two of my Silver Duckwing Phoenix hens. I agree they are beautiful. :)

  2. I'm glad you're looking up again.

    I've felt exactly like that many, many times before. I suck at juggling too and I'm soooo bad about focusing on everything that's falling apart instead of concentrating on the good things. I actually sometimes sit and mentally write down everything bad that's happened in the past day, week, month and think why me? Surely not everyone has that many bad things happening to them? Am I just unlucky?

    I know it's not true and I'm working on acknowledging the good things too. That's where I need to work on my balance.

    Thanks for writing this post. It gives me some important things to think about. Keep on keeping on. I know things will work out with Kinsey in the end. Just have patience and hope.


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