Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am so excited to have Kinsey at home. It was like I bought her today.

First of all. She loads so well. I love a horse that loads. There is nothing as horrible as thoughts of, will my horse get on the trailer or not. Kinsey was a champ. Like everything she needed a few seconds to check the trailer out and then she just hopped on.

As every good trailer ride should be, it was uneventful. I rode over there and back to show the way, and normally I am not very loquacious with people I don't know well. We talked about Ray Hunt, and a variety of other horsey topics and the trip went by quickly.

Once home she was a little jiggy. I was hoping that she would just walk like a nice girl. I still don't trust my wrist 100%. My barn is behind the house, no actual walkway, just head off through the snow. I walk this way a lot so the snow is a bit more packed down. In the back of the house is a large play construction that has been turned into a goat pen. As we rounded the back of the house and they goat came into view Kinsey stopped dead.

She started at those goats, who were bleating to me. Little black and white creatures making strange noises and leaping about. Kinsey stopped and looked, almost like a donkey, she thought about it for a moment and then tentatively walked past them. Good Girl!

Meanwhile out in the pasture there were 3 minis, 2 donkeys, and a big black horse wonder who the hell just came on their property. I have my property in two parts, a dry lot and behind that a larger pasture. Right now the pasture is covered in snow. Before I went to retrieve Kinsey I put all the other equines out in the pasture. Now those little ponies and one big black horse were prancing up and down the fence line. Let me tell you, Abby is really pretty when she prances.

Kinsey took all the sights and smells in time. Once in the paddock she ran to the fence. Squeals cantering down the fence line. Stop. Sniff. Squeal and canter up the fence line. Kinsey, who had not been turned out today, started prancing and cantering around the paddock. She is a beautiful mover when loose, just beautiful. There were a few moments I was worried about my fence as Abby spun and bucked, but it held up fine.

Finally after an hour or so, everyone went back to normal. Still a little fence play but nobody seems to hate anyone, that is always a good thing. I put Sophie, donkey, in with Kinsey.

What happens next? Well Kinsey and I are going to do some ground work. Then I may send her over to R. to be evaluated. If she looks like she is not the horse for me, I'll sell her. Same thing for Abby. Time will tell for right now.

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  1. I'm glad she made it home safely. :) Wish I could have seen all of the antics.


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