Thursday, February 4, 2010

Those cute things horses do!

I stopped out to see Kinsey today. I have not gotten out in the past two days so it was really needed. It was a very nice day, bright, if not sunny. The temperatures are in that comfortable range, well comfortable if you are used to the Midwest.

I walked in to the barn as the stalls were being cleaned. The crew at the barn is very friendly and always up for a good chat. We greeted each other cheerily. "Oh look who's little ears just pricked up." I looked over to Kisney's stalls. Her little ears were just pricked and look very happy to see me. Those few words, those warm eyes, those furry little pricked ears; it just warmed my heart.

For some reason Kinsey's purple plaid halter looks really nice on her red dun face. Why? I don't know, I know that red heads don't normally look good in purple but I think she is stunning. Anyway I put her purple halter on, and lead her out into the not sunny, but very bright, day. One of the people who work at the barn, I'll call her Fran, was coiling up hose. It doesn't lay flat on the ground, I am always so nervous that Kinsey is going to snag a toe on it and spook. I have her step across it so carefully, one step at a time. Linda Tellington~Jones would be proud.

Fran was in a talkative mood and we chatted about horses, showing, Kinsey's conformation, and various stuff like that. We chatted it up for at least 5 minutes. What was Kinsey doing during all this time. Standing there. Just standing like an ol' cow horse after working a herd. She was doing me quite proud.

As we talked I reached over and pet Kinsey. Then the most miraculous thing happened. Some of Kinsey's hair came off. I grabbed a little and tugged, it pulled out with ease. "Look at this," I spoke to Fran, "she's shedding, spring is coming!" It was just a second happy surprise.

Finally I pulled Kinsey away and we headed to the indoor. I let the girl lose and she took off like a rocket. I mean, as soon as she was lose she took off bucking and a farting. I am not normally into bathroom humor but bucking farting horses just make me laugh. I guess it is because they are just so full of themselves they explode. She ripped around the arena like nobody's business, doing her best Arab impersonation with her tail stuck straight up in the air. That was the third cute thing she did. I was just so happy to watch her run and buck.

I came home and ground drive Ike. We have been working on steering, whoa, and stand. Ike is broke to drive but has not done it in awhile so we are just reviewing the basics.

Ike has to stand. It is so very important that a driving horse stands when he is told to stand. Don't want your horse running off as you are getting in the cart! So here is Ike standing, next to a lot of hay, his dinner actually. I was so proud that he was able to do this with out much fuss. I'm not saying that he didn't need some reminding to not eat the hay, but all in all he stood like he should.


  1. Ike is very cute!

    My mare Maisie has just started to shed - none of the others are yet, but spring will surely come!

  2. Aren't the little things in life so special?

    And Ike was a good boy standing next to all of that tempting hay. :)


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