Friday, February 26, 2010

Thinking Back

*warning: this post contains what some make conceive of as anthropomorphism, but I believe that as we get to know our animals we do have a sixth sense about what they are trying to tell us.*

After my fall I lay on the ground wondering if I broke my back. I did the mental check: legs, arms, back, head. Everything seemed okay until I tried to get up. Nausea washed over me. I laid down again. Where was Abby? I had no idea. Sitting up I realized my right arm hurt, it looked a little funny too. Damn it!

I managed to get to my feet and keep my cookies down. Abby stood calmly eating grass across the street. Please. . . please just stay there, I thought to myself as I walked across the street to get her. I tried to grab the reins with my right arm and pain streaked up my arm again. Damn it, she broke her reins. I really liked these reins too. Obviously I am not thinking too clearly. Leading Abby, I just kept hoping that she was going to be good.

Back at the barn I put her right in the paddock. I grabbed the bridle and tried to figure out how to get the throat latch off, screw the nose band. Too many buckles and my right arm was becoming more and more useless. Again, not thinking clearly, I had the bridle in my hand and the saddle still on Abby. She is in the paddock loose, luckily she sticks close to me. I had to figure out how to take off the saddle. I managed and throw it on the ground. Abby spooked a few steps. Easy girl, but she runs off to join the minis. No matter she is safe, now I can figure out what to do with my arm.

When I finally got back to the house, I knew there was something wrong and my arm hurt like hell. Keeping myself from passing out or throwing up was getting harder.

We made it to the hospital. X rays, questions, "Was this an accident?" I sure hope my horse didn't plan this. "Do you feel safe at home?" Not from my horse. At least I still had a sense of humor, not a good one, but it was there. Finally drugs. That was the best part. After a cast was put on and we went home I had my ride drive me around to the barn. After all I still had to feed the critters.

The next morning I went out to feed. Abby was being her normal self, pawing at the gate for hay. I stood back and looked at her. "You hurt me. You did this Abby." I pointed at my arm and looked right at her. "You hurt me." Abby look right back. She backed away from the gate and put her head down. Awww, now how could I still be mad at her after she said she was sorry.


  1. I think they do know when they hurt us. When I was a kid and my pony threw me for the first time I was mad at her and wouldn't talk to her. She stayed so close to me and kept touching my arm and she was not a cuddly horse. In fact she'd rather just be left alone. When I finally gave in and gave her a scratch she went off to eat hay and ignored me the rest of the day. :)

  2. Once Klein slipped in some mud while we were cantering and I was bareback. She kind of folded her legs underneath her and kept sliding and I just rolled off of her because I saw the fence coming. She ended up just bumping into the fence just barely. I got up and she just looked at me like "What happened??? I really don't know what just happened?" She stayed down until I got up and went over to her and rubbed her neck and told her it was ok and that she needed to get up. I think she was waiting on me to get up to make sure I was ok.


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