Thursday, February 25, 2010

Driving Lesson # 3 and getting ready for Kinsey

My driving lesson was a week ago, but it was a good one. I harnessed Bill up. It went really well. Then we did some ground driving exercises. Getting to know Bill is so much fun. He is sort of a grumpy old man.

I was able to do all the harnessing myself. I really was worried about that as my wrist is still sore sometimes and I really have a hard time twisting it back to put the bit in. Bill was a good boy though and took the bit really well. I remembered where all the rest of the straps went too!

Bill apparently prefers to be worked in his halter, but was fine in the bridle. Apparently Bill was one of those unfortunate souls who was just putting into a harsher and harsher bit while he continued to be difficult. Luckily for him R. has him back in a snaffle again and going very well. We actually practiced pulling some stuff too. I know that I will need another person to do with with Ike and I just need to find a nice teen aged girl to come over and help me out.

After the lesson R was showing me some of the stuff he has been working on with Bill. R. put Bill in the middle of the arena, told him to stay. Then R. climbed up on a railing and called Bill over. Bill came up to the rail and cozied up to the rail, close enough that if you wanted to you could climb on board you could. It was really quite impressive. I would have loved to have Hope do that when I was a kid.
- - - - - -
Kinsey will be coming home soon. I have been getting ready for her. I am enclosing an area so she will be separate from the rest of the herd for awhile. Let them get to know each other over the fence. I got another load of hay, happiness is knowing you have enough hay. Oh and I bought lottery tickets last night to be able to afford to care for her and send her to training. lol I'll let you know how that works out for us.

It will be really nice having Kinsey at home. I just have to call the guy that is going to haul her for me and get that all taken care of too. Soon!!


  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments over on my blog - they are much appreciated. We've pretty much investigated, and done, everything we and/or our vets and advisers can think of to get to the bottom of this mare's problems, without success.

  2. Wow I am so far behind on reading blogs. I'm glad Bill is doing so well and that Kinsey is coming home. :)


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