Sunday, July 18, 2010

Abby. . . I miss you

Abby is still at Sensei's. She has made some friends her size. In particular that little haffie mare next to her. No that is not Corrie. She had a fling with the perchie clyde on the end too. Unfortunately she does not have a good influence on those guys and they are getting hard to catch and is very bonded to the haffie.

I admit that I still just adore her. I love to watch her in the field. Sensei drove her the other day and I just wanted to climb up with him. She was not the best, but she has been driven before. She was so beautiful in harness. I just watched her going around.

I do occasionally go out to that field and pet her. Tell her that everything is going to be okay and she is going to find a great home. When I do that I am in awe of how big she is. So much different than Corrie. She is just huge. She knows it too and is just a bit pushy about it. Not meanly pushy, but still pushy.

She had someone come to look at her last weekend. She was on her best behavior, I'm told. Rode really well for a guy Sensei has do some riding work. Then the buyer's trainer didn't want to get on. Why? Who knows but probably just because she is so huge. She is such a big girl!

I am so sad to not have Abby anymore. I really want to bring her home, but she is not going to do anything here but eat a lot. Even though she pulls at my heartstrings, sometimes it is better to let the past go. I could not be doing all that I am if I still had her. I just have to remember that this is the best thing for the both of us.


  1. Sometimes this is hard, and it's harder because you have to see her. But Sensei will find the right home for her, and she wasn't the right horse for you.

  2. It's gotta be hard. I know she will find a good home. Corrie seems like such a better fit. Your not afraid to do things with her and have made leaps and bounds in your confidence with horses.

  3. Abby and you will be happier with the right partner and the right job...

  4. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to cut the strings to the past. Be brave.


  5. It is difficult but I honestly think you are doing the right thing. For both of you.


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