Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Wagon

Here is my wagon. You'll notice that the pictures have a bit of an ethereal look, it was so hot and humid that the camera lens was fogging up.

Yes it is actually a wagon. Sensei has a thing about two wheeled vehicles. He doesn't like them for various safety reasons. I have one for my minis and I know that a lot of people are happy with theirs, but that wasn't really an option for Corrie and I. A nice old 4 wheeled carriage is just out of the question due to expense. Besides this is a sturdy little wagon I can drive in field and on the road.

This little wagon is nice and light weight, plus it is a very comfortable ride for my mother, who I really want to take for drives. Those front seats are really comfortable. There is a bench seat in back, so we could take 3 other people along for a drive. Under the seats is nice little tool box, don't have anything in it yet, but it is there. It even has lights. It has brakes, again another controversy in the driving world, but Sensei likes them for safety reasons. Brakes don't stop a horse, they stop the vehicle. Just like anything, it is knowing how to use them that is important. Right now I still don't so I don't use them except when the wagon is parked.

Even Zoe is liking my new wagon! The mounting block that I got to get on Abby works great for all of the dogs to get in the wagon. It also works well for my mom too. That first step is a bit tall, but over all the wagon is a nice size. I might train Madison and get another pony her size and they could pull this wagon too, if I got a pole that it.

Oh you may notice something is missing from my wagon. Have you? My poor little wagon has no shafts right now. Oh it does, but my fat little Corrie is being difficult to fit. Sensei is going to give me the shafts after we find which ones will fit her short fat little body. I'll get them before I bring Corrie home, which maybe awhile. That is another story.


  1. Breaks are for hill work. If you are going down hill you use your breaks so the carriage does not push the horse and so the horse does not rush down the hill due to the weight on the breeching.
    Four wheeled wagons/carriages IMO are more dangerous, especially if they are not undercut or cannot turn completely under due to a support beam. Only two of our four wheeled carriages can turn completely under.
    The little tool box under your seat is called a spares box. From what I was always told it should contain: Leather repair kit (hole punch, leather lacing to splice a piece of broke harness etc) wrenches etc for wheels, hoof care such as hoof pick, a way to take off a shoe (we put a roll of ducttape and explain when the judge asks in shows) a hammer, pair of extra gloves, a lead rope and a knife. Of course if you don't intend to show I would stick whatever you wanted that might help you if you were out on the road drivin. Looks like a great little wagon there.

  2. Nice looking wagon! The seats look wonderfully comfy, like what you see in a high end car. Sweet!
    I wish I was closer, as I'd love to go for a spin with you and Corrie!


  3. Lisa you ever make up up to WI and you are more that welcome to come for a drive! :)

  4. That thing is sooo cool! I want one lol! I bet it's a lot of fun to drive and so comfortable.


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