Sunday, July 25, 2010

Corrie! Corrie! Corrie!

That is what Madison and the rest of minis are thinking right about now. Every post is about Corrie! Corrie! Corrie! They insist that they are important too!

I have to agree. Although I am not doing a whole lot with them right now.

So this post is about the minis.

The minis are in seventh heaven right now without a "big" sister around. They have way more grass than they can possibly eat, just looks at them!

Even Rocky who is always a skinny mini:

They honestly are enjoying their new little band. Madison and Sophie, Ike and Rocky. Perfectly matched up. Not chased around, well Madison chases Sophie, but then they are back to grazing together again. I think Madison is really liking being able to be boss mare. Like it while you can kid!

Unfortunately I am not driving Ike because I have no shafts for my cart. Sugar Rock Farm cashed my check for a new pair of shafts, but now won't respond to phone calls or e mails. So I am out the money for the shafts and I can't use my cart. Sort of annoys me, but they are located in AL so I can not really just run over there and demand a refund. Anyway.

I have been doing working to get the pasture ready for, er, well just in better shape. :) Last fall I had plans to split to pasture into some smaller pastures and put in the T posts in. Then I broke my wrist, and then it was winter, finally they all knew where the posts were so I didn't bother to take them down. I was still planning on putting the electric tape up but, well plans change. I plan on doing my first several drives out there with, er, well just out there. It is enclosed and a fairly safe placed to drive and ride too. So with all the rain softening up the ground I was able to pull the last of the posts up. I would also like to put the goats out there some so I have been putting up that snow fencing that has wooden slates on the three rail part of the pasture so the goaties can't escape. Also there are some trees that needed to be trimmed so I don't hit my head on them while riding or driving. I have been very thankful for the cooler temperature to start on this work. Still not done, but good start.


  1. It's been a bit cooler here yesterday and today. Still humid though.

    I looove mini's. I want a four horse mini hitch.

  2. Bummer about the dishonest company that took your money! Shame on them! I hope they grow a conscious and either refund your money or send your shafts. bleh!

    Your minis are precious! I'd love to have a couple of my own someday. :)


  3. Good job not mentioning . . . oh you know who. ;)

    I can't believe that company didn't send your shafts! Is there anyway you can do something about it? Do you have a receipt, email, proof of purchase? Even if you do I have no clue what can be done, but that's really awful that they would do that. :(

    Wish we could have some cooler temps. I've spent my last few days off hiding indoors and feeling really guilty for not accomplishing anything when so much needs done lol. :) Good luck getting things ready.


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