Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Driving lesson #12: With my new wagon

I drove in my new wagon Wednesday; I have actually driven the wagon before but now it is mine. It is the cutest little wagon with nice bucket seats in the front and a wooden bench seat in the back. I wish I had charged batteries in my camera. I need to get some picture of Corrie driving it. My goal is to do some trail driving with it this fall. My mom can actually get in it too and I think she would really love to drive; she used to ride when she was a kid.

Corrie was very "up," shall we say, today. I guess proving that she can be if she want to be. She did not like a car that was driving rather scarily down the road. She was having trouble focusing on what was in front of her, and has some difficulties keeping herself at a walk for a bit. Actually all that is pretty normal for her. She is such a sightseer.

Apparently she does not like polka music either. Can't really blame her, not one of my favorites either. Actually it just goes back to noise that she can't see the source for. Someone was playing loud music, polka of all things, behind a row of trees. That was scary on so many levels, I have to agree with her on that one.

I am getting ready to bring her home, maybe next month. My driving lessons are really important so that I feel comfortable driving her around my little part of the world. In fact she is not coming here until I get the okay to drive her alone. I will probably do a few solos there and then bring her here. I don't know if I will ride her when I get her home, but I will definitely drive.

Riding might have to be put on hold, at that point, until late fall early winter when I take her back. That will depend a large part on how this month goes. I have so many more issues in the saddle then in harness. Oh well.

I promise to get pictures soon.


  1. Glad the driving is going so well!

  2. Driving is great. I can't wait to see your wagon I am such a big carriage junkie it's ridiculous. I love inspecting every inch of a carriage.

  3. How fun having your own wagon and horse, I am soo jealous, but congrats sounds like you are really progressing.

  4. Oh! How fun that you now have your own special wagon. I can't wait to se it and also Corrie pulling it. You are brave to ride down the road...and so is Corrie. Car drivers are often nutso.
    My grandpa loved polka music. lol! I had to play polka music at my wedding just for him to dance. lol!
    That was the last time I've ever listened to polka music, though. My grandpa passed away not long after my wedding, and I don't think I'd ever choose to listen to polka on my own. hah!


  5. LOL on the polka music. I wish I could drive. It sounds like so much fun. :)


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