Thursday, July 8, 2010

Corrie's Quirks

I have to admit I like a quirky horse. I do! One that has personality and attitude.

Corrie gets an A+ on both accounts.

Corrie's quirks:

1) She does stallion smile whenever I spray her with fly spray. I have NO idea what is up with that. She must not like the smell or something. Almost every time I spray her she does a stallion smile. She sometimes does this when working her too. I am really confused then. One day I thought maybe she is just baring her teeth. . .just kidding I know she isn't but I have never seen a horse that smiles so much.

2) When bitten by a fly on the butt she bucks. Now this is not a rip roaring heels flying buck. No her butt just lifts up. Again, just strange to watch. She got on of those huge black horse flies on her while I was hand grazing her today and all of a sudden she started bucking. Just lifting her butt up. I thought maybe she had a fly in her udders, being a brood mare she has large floppy udders. Then I noticed one of those huge black horse flies on her butt. She let me smack it off.

3) "Aren't I cute!" Really she sticks her head over the stall door doing her best: I am a cute pony, now let me out dammit! So adorable. I just have to kiss that little pink nose!

4) Garbage picker. My horse love to go through the garbage, I am pretty sure that she thinks that something good must be in there. If I don't watch her she inches her way to the garbage and starts sorting through it. We'll just say she is environmentally conscience and is looking for recyclables. Don't really believe it though.

5) Typical mare, I am only going to do this much. She is so funny with that. I am only going to step up with two feet, but the other two aren't moving. Ever seen a fat, parked out haffie? TOO funny.

6) She likes to stop and take care of business when walking up from the field. I kind of like this part. She just stops, does what she needs to and then we go.

I think I could go on and on. But can't we all? Isn't that what makes us love these creatures? So what is your favorite quirk?


  1. That is so cute that she does the flehmen (stallion smile) like that. :) Normally they only do that with new smells, but I guess there is just something about your fly spray. :D

    I haven't really thought of Chrome's quirks. I'll have to think on it and maybe do a post about it. :)

  2. Never heard of the flehmen called a stallion smile...I love it! So funny!
    I enjoyed reading about the Corrie's quirks. It just goes to show that you are really in tune with her and are getting to know her well.

    Apache does this absolutely precious thing with her tongue and lips when she sees me coming. First she's just licking and chewing, then it turns into lip smacking, then it's full out tongue flapping. Cracks me up!
    Reminds me of what foals do with adult horses in the herd to show their submission.
    I also love Apache's licking quirk. Whenever she is feeling insecure or is wanting to thank me for grooming her, she licks my arm, hand, even my clothes. Sometimes when she greets me, Apache licks me, too. Usually I just offer her my hand to get it over with. lol!
    I've never been licked so much by a horse before in my life, but I love it!

    Apache sounds rather oral, doesn't she? lol!


  3. That is funny the first haffy I met and worked with did the same little bucks when bitten by horse flies. She was very cute. She sounds like she has tons of personality. That is important especially when they have a naughty day and they can still make you smile.

  4. "She does stallion smile whenever I spray her with fly spray."

    You should put it on cue!
    Well, you already have it on a cue of sorts, but a verbal cue or hand signal (and w/o the fly spray present). That's one horse expression that always seems to make people laugh.

    Might not be too hard to do with treats and/or clicker training.

    Recently found your blog and am enjoying reading through it. Cute little horse by the way!!



  5. Indigo knows how to smile. I taught her how to do it on command much the same as how Corrie does it when she smells the fly spray. I was using ice rub on Indigo when she got kicked. She smelt it and instantly did the flehmen response. I instantly got some treats and started giving them to her every time she curled her lip. The verdict? I now have a horse that smiles on all occasions. I use the verbal command smile and the hand gesture of pointing up with my index finger. Shes quite good at it. The trick is because you don't want to make your horse grabby for treats, ONLY give a treat when you ask for it, not when they offer the trick. This makes them realize begging and grabbing is not an option and to get the morsel of food they have to offer something when YOU ask, and them begging and offering the trick gets them nothing.


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