Monday, April 5, 2010


I have too many horses that are not doing anything. I know that. I do not want to have them sit there. Every spring "I am going to do something with them this year!" Then April hits and we have rain. I don't have an indoor and Abby is hell on the lawn so it has been a challenge. Well this spring is no different in that respect but I am getting more serious about having horses in my life. I have to take care of them day in a day out and although that is very enjoyable I want to do more. Which is why I got Kinsey, she is turning into just as much of a challenge as the rest of them though.

I have come to some conclusions.

*One is that I like to drive. I like it a lot. I am not as fearful driving and if that is all I can do I'll do that to the best of my ability. So I am going drive.

*Second is that I am not ready to ride any horse I own now. So riding lesson horses is going to have to be it for awhile. I do have a goal to go on at least on trail ride this year.

*Third is I have to really take a look at my herd. I don't have need for 3 mini horses, 2 mini donkeys, and 2 horses. I really need to look at what I want to do and which equine will meet that need. Then take steps to seriously try to sell to someone who will use that horse. This is really going to be hard.

*Four is that I really have to get some help from a professional. I have never ever asked anyone else to train my horse(s) before. I have asked to have someone exercise or allowed others to use my horse, but never to train. So this is going to be something new for me. I think I found someone I am comfortable with.

* Finally five, I am going to further my horses' (donkeys') training while they are here. This is another hard once since there are so many of them. I have split them into two groups: three one day and three the next. I am actually writing down a plan for each horse (donk). So they will each be worked 3 days a week.


  1. I think this is a great list. It's easy to just have pets and pretend you don't want to ride. But in general lesson horses are good horses because they stay ridden.

    Looking forward to your next steps forward!

  2. That is a good plan. I know plenty of people who drive but not ride and are perfectly content with that.

    How are miniature donkeys to train for things like lunging etc compared to horses? It's something I wondered because I am very interested in getting a "cute little ass" someday :P

  3. Good plans - smart of you to work that all out and hope it goes well for you.

  4. Beth...very realistic plans and goals~
    I wish we lived closer..I really want a horse opposite my own and would love to help you achieve your plans of training..I love to do ground work..but alas..too far.
    I will be sending productive thoughts your way and looking in to see how you go!

  5. I know how you feel about having too many to work with lol! Good job writing up a plan for each one. That's a great idea. I sometimes wish I didn't have to work (the schedule changes every week) so that I could plan out my entire week and just focus entirely on my animals. That would be so cool, but I would probably turn into a recluse haha!

    I think it's a very good plan to just ride the lesson horses right now. It will get your confidence and muscle memory back which will make working with your own much easier. :)

    Good luck with everything!


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