Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh yeah . . . Riding lesson #4

Got up this morning and the sun was absent. Droplets of water collected on my windshield on the way to my riding lesson. Wind was blowing as I got out to the barn. I got Drew out. I ask him to stand and he walked off. Maybe it is just a cloud over my head?

Drew knows to stand when he is put in a place and told to stand there. Makes me wonder what the rest of the day will be like.

We fixed that minor problem and move on to grooming and tacking up. Out to the arena, I ask Drew to stand again. He looks around and walks off. Wondering what this all means I go and get him and bring him back. We do a little training session. Finally I can walk away to get the mounting block and he stands.

I have been thinking about why the trot all of a sudden freaked me out. It was a lack of control I had over Abby. I was afraid of that lack of control. Drew walking off was again a lack of control and was started to frustrate me. I knew that if I did not have control of this horse I would not trot.

I got on Drew and the first think we worked on was a good solid, "Whoa." Every horse is trained slightly differently. I worked with Roger and got Drew making a good solid, but soft "whoa." I don't want an abrupt harsh stop, but a solid one. We practiced that a bit.

Okay. . . I said I would trot today. Damn it I did. So without hesitation, I did. I think I took R aback a little.

"Your trotting." Then he paused. "Oh yeah you did that last time."

"Nope I didn't."

"Great!" Then "But that doesn't mean you don't have to keep him on the rail."

What a trainer. . .


Oh my gosh, then I just had fun. I was doing circles, quarter lines, figure eights, and on and on. I will have to admit that I was not doing them as well as I would like, but I have not really ridden in 3 years. I was so pleased with myself.

I think R said it best when he said, "last time you were just walking around, now you are actually riding."


  1. Congratulations - great progress!

  2. Yay!!! a red letter day to be sure!

  3. That is awesome! I am glad that first trot was a good time. It feels good doesn't it? Don't nit pick yourself too much on specifics just enjoy the ride! :)

  4. Alright!!! Congratulations!!! I knew you'd enjoy yourself as soon as you started trotting. :)

  5. I've heard that too about gelding older donkeys. From what I've read they have larger blood vessels and are more likely to bleed to death. That's why I can't afford to get him done because I'd have to have him put completely out and they have to suture up the incision whereas horses incisions are left open. When I do have the money to get him gelded I'm going to look for someone who is experienced with donkeys to do it for me. :)


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