Friday, April 2, 2010

April Winds

It is windy today and has been for the past few days. Since I have a lot of farm land around me wind just rushes through the property like a freight train. The farmer has been disking his field so that adds dirt into the wind, not really a nice day to be outside. But the temperature is pleasant, and there is work to do to.

So I grab my hammer and fencing building materials and start fencing a new pasture. I am pounding away and watching the horses. Kinsey starts prances up and down the paddock. Her tail flips up and she empties herself getting ready to flee. When she does stop Kinsey looks like this:
Is she on high alert because of the farmer in his field?
Is it because of the wind? Or me hammering? I should also mention that she has calmed down a lot here. I had to get the camera, change the batteries and get back outside. Notice that all the other horses are not upset by this strange intrusion in to Kinsey's world. They are looking at me take pictures, she is solely focused on what is bothering her.
I guess I should show you what Kinsey is freaked about:
Now really are these two that scary?


  1. lol! lol! I love it! They are precious...but I could see that to a horse they may look a little bit alien like. lol!
    Are they lionhead bunnies or angora? Too stinkin' cute! And perfect for an Easter photo, too.

    By the way I picked you as the winner for my Caption Contest. The You Tube Video goes along perfectly for that photo. Totally cracked me up! hehe!

    Send me your address to my e-mail twinville2 at yahoo dot com and I'll get your prize out to you in the next week or so.


  2. Oh, my gosh!! LOL love the last picture of the bunny, the wind blown look!! Darling!

  3. White is a sign of danger in the natural world.
    I'm scared.

  4. Well c'mon that bunny has pink eyes! Amazing what spooks them. She's so pretty though, and I love that little paint in the background.

  5. Ha ha! I think the one with the red eyes is a bit scary myself. A couple of years ago we had baby jackrabbits all over the place, and every time they'd hop they'd take my horses by surprise and cause a stampede.

  6. HAHA! It looks like a mature tribble!

  7. Demonic red eyed furry eared bunnies???? Very scary!!!!!

    Just kidding. They're adorable. :)

  8. Dust bunnies on steroids are pretty scary. :)

  9. Haha! Ohh yes, those are things to be pretty terrified of. :P Your horse isn't the only one. I'm pretty sure mine would as well. :)



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