Friday, April 30, 2010

Now what?! Keep Moving Forward

Trotting was such a big demon for me. I am not even sure why now. Logically there are reasons, but when it came right down to it, I was not even nervous. Now two weeks before I was a little shaky when we got a fast walk. So what happened?

As I mentioned before, on the drive over, I all of a sudden remember that I have trotted a lot. I could feel the trot, the rhythm, and how my body feels at the trot. I knew this feeling, it was home. I also knew that I had control of this horse. R.'s horses are calm, reliable and well trained. In the arena ,on Drew, I really did not have anything to fear.

I think I did figure somethings out. Each new milestone is going to be overcome in a different way. My plan for progression is going to need to be adapted after each new milestone. And of course, "Keep moving forward," That is from Meet the Robinsons.

Yup, I think that keep moving forward pretty much sums it up. What is that next step to take to keep moving forward? I guess I can look at sending Kinsey off as the next step. Really there is nothing to overcome with that step. Once she is evaluated, I am sure there will be steps to take. Either to sell or get her riding.

I need to keep riding Drew, if Drew is sold that is going to be a problem. I need miles. I'll have to start all over with another horse. I wish I had the money to buy Drew, but he is out of my budget so that is basically out of the question. I have things I want to work on just because I feel I rode horribly, but I am rusty. It has been about 4 years since I was really riding so no matter the horse, I need to get myself coordinated again.

Another step is to step it up again with the weight loss and fitness goals. I really need to kick myself in the butt and get going again. I admit I have been slacking. Enough of that.

I thought I had it all figured out when I got on Bill. Visualization was the key. Well, it was the key for getting on Bill. I am seeing that each new milestone will be unique. I did not do as much actual visualization to trot as assessing the risk and remembering what it felt like, and realizing what the hold back was. I am sure that for what ever comes next, it will grow organically. I am going to page though Jane Savoie's book again. I know that there will be steps that will work better now than they would have before.

So I have some things to do. Get Kinsey over to R. (she is going on the 8th), keep riding Drew, and get busy on my fitness and weight loss goals. And Keep moving forward. . .


  1. I was having such a hard time riding Page because I kept visualizing the wrong thing. I'd try to visualize a nice quiet lope and POW, my mind would show me something not so nice. I hate my mind sometimes!

    Keep moving forward sounds like a great motto.

  2. The more you do something the better it gets. Take people being scared of cantering for example. They want their horse to have a nice slow cadence but if one only canters their horse for a few minutes a ride the horse is gonna be fast always and the canter is always gonna be scary. You gotta do it until it's worn out, boring almost then quit.
    Kinsey is going for training then. Thats a milestone for her.

  3. Story: I will have to post on what to do in your situation. There is a suggestion in Jane's book. You have to interrupt the thought. Every time you start to see things go badly, say "STOP"(out loud works best, but you can do it in your mind too) and then resume your visualization.

    Sydney you are so correct.If I hadn't trotted i would have quit I think because walking was so boring. Drew has such a nice trot I was trilled! We did a fair amount to trotting. I need to work really riding now.

  4. You can do it!! You're doing so well.


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