Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last Thursday I had another riding day. I rode Drew again. Good horse, man I wish I had enough money to buy him. He is the type of horse I need. Nice and calm but responsive. He has been trained by R. so he is really nicely trained, not a dressage horse, but excellent foundation to go on and do whatever I would want to do. Drew has been show extensively in 4H, used in drill teams, knows now to drive, and great on the trails. Unfortunately costs more than I have right now. Isn't that always the case?

Anyway, I was a little embarrassed that I did the whole lesson walking again. I have to admit, happily though, that it is getting boring. I just realized that I have not been preparing my mind for the next step. I have not been visualizing a trot, I have not been really thinking beyond walk.


Well like yesterday looking at Zoe's behavior, I had to stop and think about my own. When I fell off Abby she was trotting. Seriously that was it. But I couldn't stop her. So that is my fear. If I trot I will be able to stop Drew? I think I know that I can. Rationally I know that I can. I can make him halt, back, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, and side pass. Now it is pretty silly to think that I will not be able to handle the transition from walk to trot. Right. . .

Well I have two weeks to prepare myself. Next week I will drive and then, God willing Drew will not be sold, and I can trot him.

I do feel that little bit of fear that he will sell before I can trot on him. Someone is coming to look at him this week I think. After he sells it will be Corrie and I will have to gain confidence on her before trotting. Not that I am not gaining confidence overall, but I just need to gain some on one horse right now. So I want to trot Drew before he is sold. That means if he is not sold in two weeks. I trot.

Now off to visualize soft trotting transitions and anchoring the relaxed feeling. . . oh I have not told you about that. I will do that after Sunday Stills. Promise.


  1. Remember to be jello, absorb the horses movements.

  2. Jello. . . I love it! I will become jello. I have been tense. That has been a struggle for me, where the knowledge meet emotions. I know what to do, but my emotions tell my body to do something different.

  3. You know I had my first real canter (after I had lost my confidence) on a road that has a gate at the end. My brain knew that there was no way we'd go past that point and it gave me enough courage to do it.

    I wonder if that approach would help you...

  4. Have you tried learning the one rein stop? People often refer to it as an emergency break because when you turn the horses head to your knee they have no choice but to slow down, circle and stop. It has saved my butt a number of times. The only kicker is that the horse needs to be taught to do it. If they are supple and used to doing lateral flexion it could be impossible to even turn their heads lol. Just a thought. It could be like a safety net.


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