Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Relax in the Pasture

After reading some of the blogs ( seen on the right) I decided to just sit out with my horses. The barn can wait. I took Laura Crum's Going, Gone out in to the pasture along with a folding chair and just sat down.

The reactions from my horses was funny and not exactly what I expected. Kinsey treated me with the normal indifference, she seems no more or and maybe a little less upset that she normally does. Abby on the other hand was not sure what the heck to make of me. She looked up from her grazing, stared, and snorted. Walking around, giving me a large berth, she continued to snort and blow. Eventually she tired of watching me and went back to eating. Madison was the brave little girl, man I wish she was large enough to ride, she came up and sniffed. She wanted her scratched and searched me for treats. Ike was a little more nervous but eventually came over for a few scratches. Sophie would never come over and Dominique was nervous too, but he did stop by to sniff me.

I sat out there getting more and more engrossed in the mystery set out west surrounding the murder of a brother and sister. The story features horses as a central focus and it is so nice to read a story about horses where the author actually knows what she is talking about. No making love the back of a horse with the lover's heads on the horses flanks~ never figures out how that was possible. Anyway I will be a better review of the book when I am finished which I am sure will be in the next few days.

Abby and Kinsey spooking and came running around the field. With the minis out front, Abby was following up behind. They were headed straight for me. Abby, I don't think, still realized who I was. As I watched her massive chest and legs pounding the ground heading toward me I thought, "gee, I wonder if she'll stop." Of course she did. Stopped, and snorted, then continued on with her grazing.

In the pasture, the sun shining down, and my horse grazing around me I realized this was just about as perfect as it could get. It was a very nice way to pass a few hours.


  1. im so jealous! wish i could do that RIGHT now!

  2. Hah just like I did last week. It's funny how much body language they take into consideration of ours. Sitting is a whole new ball game.

  3. lol! I love that you just sat out and enjoyed a good book with your critters. :)
    I try to do that as often as possible. Baby Doll was used to it and would often hang out with me, trying to steal my book or poke me.
    Apache is still trying to get my behavior figured out and seems to wonder what I'm wanting out there in her space.
    I think many horses just aren't used to their humans wanting to just spend time with them without any obligations or expectations. They seem suspicious of us, don't they? hehe!

    I'm still trying to figure out that image of making love on horseback. lol!


  4. Thanks everyone. It was a nice couple of hours. They are funny when you mix things up.
    Lisa~ Kinsey is still so suspicious of everything I do. *shakes head* :)


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