Thursday, April 22, 2010

Driving Lesson #7

I didn't have a lesson last week because of Midwest Horse Fair. So I should have had a riding lesson, but since I missed my driving lesson I did that this week. Not that it matters all that much, but I wanted to drive.

Call me chicken, call me more interested in driving. I don't know for sure. I do know that driving is helping me more comfortable dealing with spooks. Really it does. It just tips my nerves up a notch, but not too much. If you remember from the video a few weeks back we need to move into the uncomfortable zone, but not so far in that we end up in the fear zone. For example, today I had to wait while R. did something outside the cart. Corrie wanted to back up. I felt that momentary nervousness because of a lack of control. I knew how to ask her to step forward. So I asked her. We had to do that a few time. She actually was fairly good, some issues, but R said I handled them well. It was little bit of nervousness, but that fact that I could it that helps me feel a little more in control.

I realized that is why I feel so afraid. I have that loss of control because I asked Abby to stop and she didn't. I don't know if I was not forceful enough, or she was just ignoring me or what. It is hard to think back to moments before I fell. I remember it all but analyzing exactly what when wrong is difficult. I do know remember feeling out of control.

R and I talked about Kinsey again. I swear I am starting to sound like Saturday morning breakfast with all my waffling. I think that maybe I should send her over to him for just a 2 week evaluation. He can get on her and see what she is really like and give me an honest evaluation of if she would be right for me or if I should sell her now. She is not a bad horse, she is actually a very good horse and probably has some hidden talent in there. But to be honest, I am not sure if she is still a good horse for me. If there is potential, then she can stay there for a little while, and she will be the next horse I start riding in lessons. If she just isn't going to be right for me, it is still early in the year and maybe I can find a nice home where she would be better used. If she is at R's then we have a round pen and a arena for people to try her in. The alternative is that she sit here for two years and becomes a 12 year old horse that has sat for two years and nobody wants. Honestly that is not fair to her or me. Meanwhile if the right horse did come around I could not get it because I have too many right now. Also working 3 horses a day, taking care of the house, working, and doing everything else that I have to do it really hard.

I will say that we have made some improvements. You can see in her picture, she is licking. Does a lot of thinking that one. (Ignore the rope around her neck, it is a long story and not very interesting) She is getting easier to catch, is doing really well with everything I am asking and I really enjoy working with her. It is just in the back of my mind I am thinking, "Is this a waste of time." Why put all the work into her when she is just not going to be a horse that I can ride when I could just take her to R. and find out. And when I could be putting that time into Ike or Madison. Ya know? To many horses not enough time.

After the lesson I came home and ground drove Ike. I had him pulling a little sled. We walked around and picked up branches and what not from around the yard so we had lots of "whoa" standing while I picked up sticks, scary sounds of dragging the sled across the driveway. All excellent stuff. He was nervous about the driveway, but after we went over it a few time he got much better. I have to order the shafts to fix my cart so I can actually drive whenever I want. That will be fun!


  1. I wouldn't call you a chicken at all for driving! It's a good technique for getting your confidence back. Do things that you're more confident and comfortable with first, then slowly work up to the things that make you feel more uncomfortable. Because you worked with the thing that makes you feel uncomfortable, but in a way that's more comfortable for you, you gain confidence. I don't know if that made sense or not... Oh well. :P

    Do what you think is right with Kinsey. Sending her off to a professional (such as R) probably will help you figure out whether or not she is the right horse for you. But all in all, you have to make the decision. (:

    Sounds like Ike is a pretty well behaved driving horse! I'm glad you're having fun with him.


  2. Thanks Lydia. I think R is going to either help me get on Kinsey or find her a really nice home. And that really is the most fair to her. I just hate be all wishy washy for a few years while she is in her prime. Then have to try and sell an old horse with no skills. I look at this as a really positive step. R. is so close that I can just hop over to see her when I want. If things looks good I might board her there, with the use of a round pen and an arena I think I could do more with her anyway.

  3. It sounds like a plan - a way to get an evaluation and either move on or move ahead. Better than letting her sit!

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  5. Beth, I totally get where you are sitting right now. It's so hard to face the question of whether a horse is the right horse for you. My own experience consisted of going back and forth on that question for two years, getting caught up in signs that the answer was yes, then brooding over my gut telling me the answer was no. An injury to my mare decided the issue for me in an ironic way. I can't ride her, but I still have her. So I'm off her (and less fearful, of course), but I haven't given her up, either. I think what you are doing is smart, sending your pretty mare out to a trainer. Hang in there.

  6. I'm glad the driving is going so well! Makes me with I had a cute little mini to pull a cart for me. :) Too cute!!

    I know how you feel about juggling work, animals, chores, cleaning, training, etc. I'm feeling it really bad right now too. I know I could probably get a lot more done if I would just organize my time better, but I don't lol.

    I hope R can help you out with Kinsey. I agree with finding out now rather than later if she will be a good fit. The longer you have her the harder it will be to let go. I hope you can find your special horse someday.


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