Saturday, April 24, 2010

Competely unhorse related

Blog related. . .

Does anyone else have this problem. . .

You look at the blogs on the left. Today for example Bitless Horse, since this is the latest one I am having this difficulty with. I see that she has a new post. But when I click on the link for the new post. It says there is no such page. Then if I click on the link for her actual blog, I get the previous post, not the new one. I don't know what the problem is. Sometimes, later on I will see the post that I was previously unable to see. Does this make sense? Has anyone else had this problem?

Ok, I called R and when he can he is going to pick up Kinsey. I have found the shafts I need for Ike's cart, I just need to send the guy the money. It is rainy out today and I was very upset to see my chickens running around followed by a FOX. I chased him off twice but I am not sure if he got anyone yet. Damn fox!


  1. I think the blog post problem happens when someone publishes a post and then effectively takes it down by reediting it and resaving without publishing, and then pushes the publish button later so it shows up again - at least I think that's what's happening!

  2. LOL Ok well the thing with my new post was it was not supposed to be a post but somehow posted itself. I deleted it. Todays post is still actually scheduled. A few people noted that.

    Mothballs, they keep away most mammals/rodents/unwanted critters.

  3. Okay answers that question. Thanks for clearing it up. :)

  4. I knew you weren't picking on me I had a few people mention it actually. Blogger has had some issues lately.


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