Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I first got Abby she was 16hh. Now I am 16hh at the top of my head, 5'4". Here is a picture from last fall. Sorry it is the best I have. I hate photos of myself. The last person that came to look at Abby doubted that she was only 16hh and I was kept saying, no, she is 16.1 at the most. WRONG!
Today I pulled her out and I was thinking, gee, I used to be able to see over her butt. I can't see over her butt anymore. I can't see over her at all anymore. In fact grooming her back was really difficult. Although on the plus side I can do a damn good job on her belly! Now that leads me to believe that one of two things happened. Either I hit the ground harder than I thought last fall and shrunk OR Abby grew! If you look at the Wordless Wednesday post, you will notice that her halter is a little on the tight side. I have not adjusted it since last fall.
Recently there has been discussion about if mares are affectionate. . .
When you get a hug from a big lug like this. . ya know it!

I am estimating that she is between 16.2hh and 17hh


  1. WOW!!!! She grew a lot!!!! How old is she? I love the pictures of you guys together. That's one thing I hate is that I never got pictures of me with my pony because I was always the one behind the camera. :)

  2. She turned 8 this year and although drafties can grow until they are 8, she has not been growing. Then, apparently of the winter she found a stash of growth hormone or knowing that this was her last year to grow decided to do it. lol

  3. She looks taller to me! She is so cute. I love drafts big and small!

  4. Awww! Sorry I didn't mention the title. I didn't mean to send you on a long run around lol. I'll see what I think of this one and I might buy the other one too. I don't think it's possible to have too many books. :D


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