Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy and Beautiful

Oh the awards:
Both of these awards have been given to this blog. The Happy Award was an open invitation from Living A Farmer's Life which I accepted because her blog and her comments on my blog make me so happy. The beautiful Blogger award was from the blog No Hoof, No Horse, a wonderful person who is very admirable in her love and dedication to her horse with navicular.

The rule are this:
The Happy Award- 10 thing that make me happy and then 10 blogs that make me happy.

1) Seeing farm animals grazing on grass. All farm animals: goats, horses, cattle, sheep. I just like seeing them enjoying their life knowing how much they give back to humans, be it companionship, food, fiber, or whatever.
2) Fresh laid eggs, the ones that are still warm when I collect them.
3) Remington, my little dachshund, curled up on my lap under a blanket.
4) I am a teacher and I love it when a student has been struggling and finally understand it. Then even better is when they are able to apply that knowledge to a new situation. That just fills me with joy. I don't care if that student is a child, an adult, a horse, or a dog.
5) Seedling that are just popping through the soil. Seeing that new life come from just a tiny seed is amazing.
6) Seeing that seedling grow into a plant and produce its own fruit and knowing how good that egg plant, tomato, zucchini, etc. is going to taste.
7) Checking off items on my to do list and meeting goals. I feel so good knowing I am getting stuff done.
8) Having enough hay. It is such a simple pleasure but seeing that pile of hay and knowing that I don't have to figure out how to get more here is such a good feeling.
9) Bacon frying. Okay this is a bad one, but does anything smell better than bacon frying? As my sister says, everything is better with bacon. lol
10) Finding little comments on my blog. It just like to hear what others are thinking.

-Beautiful Blogger

This one require me to share 7 things about me and pass it on to 15 other blogs:

1) I have to lose 87 lbs. That is down from having to lose 100 lbs. I feel confident sharing that information because of a wonderful blogger at: A Fat Girl and a Fat Horse
2) I have three dogs: Remington ~ a miniature dachshund, Zoe~ a 3/4 dachie, 1/4 JRT, Gracie~ a bichon frise.
3) I have a bachelor's degree in Animal Science ~Horse science, with minors in chemistry and biology.
4) Then I went back to college and got my certification to teach student with learning disabilities.
5) I take two sugars and creamer in my coffee.
6) I love to make goat's milk soap, goat cheese, and make goat's milk ice cream.
7) I love brussel sprouts and asparagus.

Now for the passing on to other blogs. Well I am not going to give one to 15 and the other to 10. The below listed blogs deserve both. These are listed in a random order:

1) A Fat Girl on a Fat Horse: I love this blog, so insightful.
2)Living a Farmer's Life: Achive1Dream was my first ever follower. I love both of her blogs.
3) Beebee's Chrome Chevalier TTT: Achive1Dream's other blog
4) Gray Horse Matters: She has received the Beautiful Blogger award, but she deserves it and the Happy Award.
5) Behind the Bit: She has such great posts for interesting products like the current one for white riding boots.
6) A Year with Horse: This woman is has such wonderful insightful post.
7) The Jumping Percheron: Gotta love a woman who rides a Percheron and does it so well!
8) No Hoof, No Horse: Right back at ya! :)
9)Epona Studio: Beautiful art work!
10) Equestrian Ink : They love horses and love to write.

I love so many more blogs I wish I had time to link to them all but just check out my blog list to see all the others that really deserve this award too!


  1. Thanks so much for this award, I really appreciate it and the nice comments about my blog.

    You mentioned the Nova Scotia farm with Fijord ponies, that sounds like so much fun and something I would like to do. I think I'd have to lose lots of weight to ride one though. I'm working on dieting too and right now I'm heading to the stationary bike for my 30 minutes. Ugh!

  2. Thank you Beth! I will repost these tonight!

  3. Thank you very much - it's an honor!

  4. Awww I'm glad you picked up the Happy Award from my farmer blog. :) I love seeing everyone's answers. Thanks for giving them back. I've done the happy award on the farmer blog and the beautiful award on Chrome's blog so I'll switch it around and do happy on Chrome's and beautiful on the farmer blog lol. :) I never get tired of doing them.

  5. Thank you for the awards! :) Makes me happy, and I think that is the point, isn't it?!


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