Thursday, March 11, 2010

I rode

It was a bad lead up to my ride today. First of all, I have hurt myself everyday. I mean drawing blood hurting myself. From slipping on black ice to a paper cut, I have actually seen my blood everyday for about 5 days. I am running out of skin. It made me a little nervous to ride.

Then my check engine light came on. I was not sure I wanted to drive my car with that on so I was going to borrow someone else's car, but first I had to take her to a class of her own. Fine, it was going to cut it close but oh well. I had to stop by and get cash from a ATM before I dropped her off. The ATM was broken. Now I don't have time. SO we drive back home, she takes off with her car and I am going to see what I can do with mine.

I have no time remember, but I forgot my helmet. I look high and low and can't find it anywhere. Now I am just getting more determined. I am GOING to ride even if I DOES kill me. Screw it, I can't find the helmet and I'll just have to write a check for the lesson.

I get in the car and it is pouring down rain. It's spring, I guess I should expect this right?

Check engine light goes off, that is one thing in my favor. I'm making pretty good time too.

All in all I end up being a few minute late, nothing big. I meet R. and we go out to see Bill. Worst news ever, Bill is SOLD. Damn, I like Bill. I get my first ride on him and it did go well.

I have to get used to the way he is trained but he walks around, with his ears back in typical Bill style. I get very comfortable on him, but my short legs don't fit the stirrups correctly. R is really good about just letting me walk around and the feel again.

At one point Bill rammed my leg into the pipe fence and I have to really get after him. We trot a few steps, and survive. I get really bummed because Bill really was the horse I was looking for. I just wish I knew that before and had had the money to pay for him. Damn it!

Anyway I was really thrilled. I have been so stiff in the saddle, afraid to move that I'd encourage more forward movement than I wanted. After a good 15 min. I was so comfortable on Bill. I was able to move around, use my legs, use my seat. I was more animated. It was good. I was able to practice exaggerated movements which helped loosen me up too.

Finally I decided to get off. First of all Bill is so wide my legs were getting sore being stretched that far. My wrist has healed even more and I could get off almost normally. I slid down the saddle and was so surprised that the ground came up so quickly, Bill is only 13.3.

Anyway I am not giving up on Kinsey yet. I took her for a walk yesterday. I had her out and went looking for my dog. So I just took Kin out on the road. She was very well behaved and looked at a few things but didn't spook. For the most part she walked along with a nice level head. That's my girl! So there is hope for her yet.


  1. YAY! I'm glad you got it done!

  2. Alright!!! I'm glad you didn't let all the bad stuff discourage you (I've been injuring myself daily too, but no blood thank goodness). I'm glad it went so well but that really sucks that he's been sold. Does R have any other horses you might be able to ride?

  3. Wow, Bill is a little guy. Is he an Icelandic? Maybe he wasn't the perfect horse for you, if you were already hurting from him being so wide barreled. You should feel comfortable on a horse, physically, too.
    So don't feel like you missed out on buying him. The right horse is out there waiting for you. :)
    I'm glad you had a good ride.

  4. Maybe you can find another haflinger? :) they are so fluffy!

  5. Thanks. . . Orka, , he is a haffie. I a was soar just because it has been so long. I still hold out hope that Kinsey will work well.

    Golden. I still work with the haffies with R. but I really do hope that Kinsey will work out.


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