Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mud! Mud! Mud!

Super. . . snow is gone and we get mud. I mean I know that this is how it goes. Snow, it melt and makes mud. Still, it is icky. . .

Remember the beautiful red dun mare I brought home? Kinsey now looks like this:
Can anyone say ewwwwww?

I know I promised pictures of Kinsey and Abby, but there is a glich. His name is Rock My World, or better known to those who love him as Rocky. I believe Kinsey calls him something else but I don't use that kind of language here. Abby loves Rocky. Oh and if you are looking at that picture and wondering if Rocky can walk under Abby, yes, yes he can. So Abby eats with Rocky and then visits with Kinsey afterward. I just ran out and took these photos because I have been so busy.

Visualization is going well. Really it is. I have been saying my affirmations and everything is having the desired effect, it almost feels boring now. So the nerves are disappearing.

For those of you wondering, you can use visualization for anything from getting your distance correct to a fence to performing the perfect dressage test. Just practice in your mind doing it right and your body doesn't know the different.

A comment below made me think about being a kid. I think we all did do visualization as kids. We just called it daydreaming. I know I sat in class and thought about riding Hope. Running confidently through the woods, then go home and do it.

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  1. So cute, even though they are icky muddy. Mud, mosquitoes and allergies are the worst things about spring lol, but at least we get sun and warmth. :)


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