Sunday, March 21, 2010

Part Three: Plan for success

We have covered the first two videos and now we are down to making a plan to get back to doing whatever it is that you want to be doing with your horse.

Many of the things that they hit upon in this video are things that I have stressed before. Getting in shape for riding, working in your confidence zone, and then take steps in to the area that makes you feel uncomfortable, but not scared, fake it until you can make it, and being positive.

I started this blog because of fear. It is so hard to admit that you have fear in the equestrian world. For a long time it has been a dirty word. People who have fear are worried about how others are going to view them. It is hard when you head know so much more than your fear will allow you to do. It is embarrassing to be the only one who does not want to gallop of full tilt across the pasture or on trails. Or the only one that doesn't want to jump. I know in a barn situation that people gossip. I have heard people gossiping about others, I sure as heck know they are going to be doing the same behind my back. That is why I started this blog, because we need others to help us along the way.

We need support from friends, family, and other equestrians. Often we can find the support from friends and family, it is the support from other equestrians that is more difficult. I wanted to step up and admit my fear, although I proud to say it is getting under control now, in order to offer support to others. Here are some other on line places to get support.
A Fat Girl & A Fat Horse forum
Positively Riding
These videos were made by the Dreampower Horsemanship if you are in the Bay area. . . I'm not but heck if you are it looks great.

Check out local riding instructors. There are people that are compassionate enough to take the time to work with you. Just remember that anyone can call themselves a trainer and offer lessons. Watch them give lessons and ask lots of questions.


  1. It is hard to admit you have fear. Your courage in starting this blog is inspiring. I used to be so confident and fearless with horses. I was even a role model for other people. I'm still that way around certain horses in certain circumstances, but if I am around a horse that feels out of control (especially on the ground) I panic because I know a horse can hurt you even if you aren't in the saddle. I honestly don't think riding is what scares me as weird as that sounds. Once I'm in the saddle I feel confident. It's on the ground that I get scared. I imagine myself getting knocked over, stepped on, bit, kicked, etc (considering I've been knocked unconscious by a horse I was leading maybe this isn't as weird as it seems).

    Thanks for sharing these videos. They really help me understand fear a lot better. I definitely need to take note of the negative self talk. Big problem for me, although I've been improving lately. :) Thanks again for sharing these.

  2. Fear is hard to overcome but you're taking steps to do exactly that and I commend you for it and for being honest. I personally don't think that anyone is truly fearless about riding. There have been many times in the past that I would show up at the barn ready to ride and then thought better of it. My horse Erik was a terrible spooker and so if I got there and it was too windy or he seemed nervous I didn't ride. Simple as that. I know there was a certain amount of fear involved but I prefer to think of it as good judgment too. Thanks for the videos.

  3. I'm glad the book is good. My copy still hasn't arrived. I'm getting concerned that it got lost or something. I'm going to have to try to track it I guess. I'm getting very impatient.


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