Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Stills

Sunday Still this week is a day in the life of . . . me.
We could only choose 4!! Well that is tough, it has been a long week.
It started off with this. Morning and night for a goat. She is doing well now. Thankfully I am done giving shots for now.
Every morning starts off with hay, it ends with hay, and has some hay in the middle. I drive the lawn tractor and deliver hay to the horses and goats.
No matter what I do I have diet coke. It is a bad habit, I know but it is every where. Here we have some in the barn. I would love to say that I had to go in the house and bring the coke out for the picture, but no, it was already there.

Finally I had to do some work in the pasture. I got lots of help from Abby, Sophie, and Dominick. Dom is trying to figure out how to spread the seed, Sophie is checking to see if I have enough seed down. I think Abby was making sure that the lawn tractor was working properly. LOTS of help from those three.


  1. Great shots of your day. :)

  2. Love your day here! Coke, I would say, is not as bad as some addictions or habits!
    Your little donkeys are sooooooo cute!!!

  3. I have diet coke instead of coffee! Hay and hay I can relate... great shots!

  4. We were just chuckling the other day about explaining away all the "drug paraphernalia." Only another horse/animal person would understand.

  5. Looks like a hay day to me! Thanks for sharing..those three look like they could be troublemakers:)

  6. Great post! I wish I hadn't had such a hectic day so I could have played along. That's two weeks in a row I haven't done Sunday Stills. :( And no Donkey Day yesterday either (because I wasn't home so no computer).

  7. Nice pictures, quite a busy day. Of course you have so much help to make it go by quicker.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments :)
    Oregon Equestrian : I wondered if I would get reported for inappropriate content. . lol
    achieve1dream : Been wondering where you were ate. I hope that things calm down. Gotta remember those donkey days. Sophie loves them :)

  9. Fabulous shots of your day! I love your helpers! Ha, ha!

  10. Love your helpers! Although it looks like there's probably a lot more clean up when they help :)

  11. I can relate to the hay, hay hay part of your day. hehe!
    And your helpers are adorable!
    I am addicted to Vanilla Coke. Mmm....I'm salivating just thinking about having one. gah!



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