Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I love to see horses running and romping and having a good time like that. Abby is a big girl! Is she a full Percheron?

    I'll have to catch up on your blog. I see some things we have in common.

  2. Once Upon a Time. . . thank you for coming by :) Abby is not a full percheron if you can believe it. She is actually half paint. lol But she is 16.3 with only minimal white, and in all the normal places. So she really looks full Perchie, except she is slightly shorter in the back.

  3. I love watching them play! Great pictures! I wish I'd had my camera earlier. Zeppelin was running around the pasture (trying to entice Chrome to play) with his nose up in the air like an Arabian. It was so cute! Silly donkey.


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