Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Okay I know it is wordless. . . but this next one is just a little funny with some explaination. If you look my my mother's lips she is saying. . . "She." As in "She took my thumb!" Then if you looks at Abby's face it is just pure innocents. My mom was not actually hurt, just surprised. Abby didn't bite.
So as long as I have already added words already, I just want to say that my mom is an amazing woman. She loves horses as much as I do. She has always been my biggest supporter with horses. As I am sure many have you read, I go back and forth between wanting to sell and wanting to keep Abby. My mom actually adores Abby. Even if the only thing she can really do is watch her running in the pasture. She really does not want me to sell her. That top picture of my mom with her hand on Abby's nose has been elevated to one of my favorites.

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  1. I don't blame your mom or you. If I had Abby I wouldn't want to sell her either. You know if she has good ground manners and you can afford it there is no reason you have to sell her. Just because you have a horse doesn't mean you have to ride it. Horses are probably happier not getting ridden. :) Not that I'm pushing for her to stay or anything . . . . :D


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