Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rock My World

Just for fun I wanted to show off my stallion. Oh yeah baby, I have a stallion! And here he is:
What a big stud, huh? Rocky is a miniature horse. Don't worry he is not used for breeding. I have had Rocky since he was 4 mos. old. He is now 5. Believe it or not, he has not grown much since I got him. I believe he is 27 in tall. Slightly taller in the winter with all that hair. Rocky is just one of those horses that really stole my heart. I may be a mare person but this little stud has squeezed in there too. It's all good, he isn't that big anyway.

I got some miniature horses after I sold my ottb. That was when I was starting to notice I was more concerned around my horse than I used to be. I was hoping to drive some. I have Ike, you have seen him, but Rocky is just too small for me to drive. My thinking was smaller horse less fear. It was true too.

Rocky is actually a well bred lil guy, but he has two major flaws. When he was just a tyke, before I got him, he got a burr caught in his eye. He still has a little ulcer on that one eye. It causes him to have limited vision in that one eye, but has not caused him any other problems. It is another reason that I chose not to train him to drive. His other major fault is a low tail set, not desirable in the mini world.

I am doing some clicker training with him. He is learning to target and eventually I want to teach him to rear. One of the few horses I would even think of training to do that trick, but since even when he rears his head hardly reaches my shoulders I am not too concerned about it. Plus I have no plans to ever sell this little guy. Heck I figure if I ever have to live in an apartment again I'm just going to call him a big dog.

Actually miniature horses are a great if you have developed a fear of riding the big guys. There is actually a lot you can do with a miniature horse. From halter and driving to in hand trail and jumping classes. Miniature horse eat a whole lot less then the big guys and don't need as much room, although you better have good fencing, minis are terribly cleaver and can open gates. Plus they are as cute as the dickens!

Miniatures were originally bred for pit ponies and small mounts for children. Unlike ponies, minis normally have very good temperaments. Yes there is some Shetland blood in there, and mini are just ponies under 38" in some registries, 34" in others, but minis have been selected for good temperaments as well as size. There are two major registries for minis the American Miniature Horse Association and the American Miniature Horse Registry .

I will try to remember to post some summer pictures of Rocky. You will be amazed at the difference. He actually looks like a little horse instead of a sheep.


  1. He is soooooo adorable!!!!! I can't wait to see his summer pictures. I bet he's quite a looker. I'm eager to see how his color changes in a sleek summer coat. I've always wanted a miniature horse but I haven't been in a situation to have one yet.

  2. Minis are so much easier to clean up after too. We had one here for a while and although she was a spoiled little snot her stall was so tidy.


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