Tuesday, March 16, 2010


How ironic after finishing yesterdays post about a new fire being lit, that I should read on Bitless Horse: Science vs Tradition about a contest about dreams.

Bitless has a very nice blog about her journey being bitless, and like this blog, whatever else hits her horsey fancy. She also makes beautiful horse hair products. If you send in you own horse hair she will use that. Her contest is for one of her hair products. A horse hair bridle tassel/ key chain, with a charm that says "Dream". Head on over there to check it out!

Anyway back to my dream. It has two parts. One to be at a healthy weight. Second to ride my horse with confidence. I believe that these two go hand in hand. As I get more fit, I will feel more confident in the saddle. Notice the emphasis on my, be that one of the two beasts I have now, or selling one or both and getting a more appropriate horse has yet to be seen. I want to ride my horse and have that feeling of comfort in the saddle again. And I will, I am determined. The beautiful thing about this journey so far is that as I have lost weight and work on my confidence to get in the saddle I find myself more confident in other parts of my life.

My night mare that started the dream:


  1. Awww poor Abby. She's not a nightmare. ;)

  2. Hee hee . . I know I was more commenting on the picture with it getting to be night. Although she is so muddy in that picture that she is going to be a nightmare to groom!

  3. I was just teasing you about calling Abby a nightmare. :)

    Also about the republican thing (I noticed your smiley so I know you're teasing). I call myself a republican because I have to choose one or the other, when in fact my opinions don't really fit either. I live in the south and most everyone here are republicans, so it's what I call myself. I'm not a die hard political follower by any means lol.

    Also about Kurland's book, the one I got is a newer version (2007 instead of 2003 unless Amazon has it wrong). It's also a step by step guide so I think it may be the same, just without pictures. If it isn't the same I'll buy the other one too. No big deal. Thanks for letting me know though. I couldn't remember which book it was that you had suggested. Like I said, no big deal. They aren't expensive on Amazon. :)


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