Monday, June 21, 2010

Columbus Carriage Classic

The Columbus Carriage Classic is held every Father's Day weekend. It is a formal event. Classical music plays during the classes. As the classes are going on the announcer tells neat little facts about the horse, driver, and their vehicles. The Columbus Carriage Classic is an ADS sanctioned show.
The horses, drivers, and carriages are all beautiful. A lot of driving in a show is about turn out. From little miniature horses pulling medowbrook carts to percheron horses pulling antique carriages, everything is polished and shining. They are all just stunning and oh so interesting. Some are vintage, others are reproduction. One beautiful carriage was pulled out of a bog earlier this year. Another was found in the back of a barn. Yet another was a reproduction made from detailed pictures of the original. Every thing from governess carts to surries. So many different styles it is hard no to find a few that one would love to own. The range of breeds vary just as much. Unusual breeds like the hackney horse to your more common quarter horses are all groomed with great care. Being Wisconsin, Haflingers and Fjords are a popular choice too. VSE (very small equines) ponies, and horses: the differences in sizes in even one class can place a shire next to a miniature. The fashion, oh I am not much in to fashion, but the hats on the ladies and gents transport you back in time to when it was an everyday event to see a haflinger, like this little stallion, taking his mistress to town.

Classes range from basic reinmanship (something akin to an equitation class) and pleasure driving to cones. Cones obstacle classes are kind of like a trail obstacle class. Horses have to follow numbers to various obstacle and complete it with out knocking tennis balls off of cones. It is rather fun to watch.
Another fun class was the carriage dog. Judging was mostly on the behavior of the dog, who must not be attached to the vehicle and is disqualified if she jumps out. First place was this boxer and second was a mini aussie in the cart behind the boxer. All the dogs were so well behaved and is another reason why I love driving, I can share it with my canine friends too.It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, I found some great buys. I'll tell you about that later this week. Meet some very nice people and beautiful horses. I need to get driving!


  1. What a lovely turnout. I do pleasure driving, we have a stud cart (the one I am driving in my blog header) which is like a meadowbrook but only the backrest on the seat folds down and you have to climb over. It rides like a dream, very well balanced which is essential when looking for a good cart.

    Was that stallion in a ladies to drive class? That is unusual as the class is judged based on how suitable a horse is for a lady to handle EX- no ported bits to control the horse, well mannered and responsive. Normally stallions are not totally unheard of but not common at all.

  2. Sydney: that stallion, who was as cute as a button, was in medium pony reinsmanship. He was just adorable! I don't know how she managed to get the bridle on with all that hair! lol Pleasure classes were the next day so I missed all of those classes.

    I have a little easy entry for my mini, but I think I am going to get a small wagon for Corrie.

  3. Oh that looks so fun! I once drove a meadowbrook cart, and since then have wanted one, but cant seem to find one nearby and in my price range. So I bought a cutter instead and cant wait till winter to use it.

  4. Oh, I have always wanted to learn to drive. I now have the horses, but no cart. You just made me drool with those lovely pictures.


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