Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Driving Lesson #11: Uggg

Well that was a big ol' sucked!

I am not remembering the way I should.

I feel frustrated that my skills are not where they should be, but it has been years since I seriously rode. And although I am new to driving I shouldn't be sucking this bad.

But really I had a hard time driving Corrie at a walk up a hill and in a straight line. What the hell is wrong with me?

This is not one of my positive days, obviously.

I am just feeling lonely, depressed, and clueless.

Sorry this is a sucky post.

* * * *
Edited after Breathe's comment:

I am sorry for the negative post.

It was really frustrating to walk up the hill over and over and Corrie would veer to the barn as soon as I lost my focus for a moment. She would start to trot and I guess my left hand is stronger than my right so I would inadvertently pull with that hand too hard, which was bad because she wanted to go to the left ( toward the barn) anyway. Well we would go up the hill, half way would be great, I had my focus on where we were going. Then the wind would blow my hair in my face. I'd focus on that for just a second and Corrie would veer to the left. Then I would focus so hard on her not trotting that she would veer again, then as I corrected her she's trot. Arg. Or a dog would trot by and she would want to trot. Or she I'm sure you get the idea.

It ended up being one of those things that I became hyper focused on and would try to micromanage and well that never works, then she looked drunk.

Well with personal issues and what not, I just felt overwhelmed and stressed. But tomorrow after work I am going to go out and ride again and have a great deal of success on this matter, only I will be riding.


  1. Cut yourself a break. It will come together, but you have to be as patient with yourself as you would with a horse.

  2. When driving I find I use cones about the carriages width apart and do serpentines between them. If I am line driving I put them closer. You wouldn't believe the progress you can make with cones. I'll have to do a post on them someday. I love using cones it gives me something consistent to use on the horse. In the end it has helped every horse, rider or driver I have used them with. Don't worry it'll come together. Another thought is driving with a whip. If I do not have one in my hand I do have one in my whip holder. A whip is not just a tool to make the horse speed up when it slows down when you want. A driving whip is used to make balanced turns by gently tapping a horse on the sides (tap the inside side of the horse on the turn Ex- turning left tap the left ribs) Make sure your whip can reach your back pad though, a lot of whips are too short.

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. We all want to do well, but some days are sucky and some days are great. It will all work out in the end. Have a nice ride.

  4. It'll be better the next day; we all have days like this.

  5. I have never driven a horse in a cart but I have ground driven them. It was tough to get used to in the beginning even though I am a good rider. Like the others have said, give yourself a break. It's a process learning something new. It will come in stages like everything else with a horse.

  6. Just remember, though...that you're still trying. That says a lot. So many of us get frustrated...or scared...and just give up.

    You keep going on my friend. You'll get there. As you already know, these things with horses...and ourselves, take time.

    Enjoy the journey,


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