Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riding Lesson # 7 : Could this be the one?

Today I rode Corrie. She is the haflinger I normally drive. She is not much of a riding horse, but I figured that if I was going to start looking for a new horse I should be riding more than just Drew. Not that I am looking yet, not seriously (okay ya all are all going to call me a liar in a few lines but honestly I am not seriously looking, sometimes things just happen). I still get nervous getting on a new horse and Abby is still not sold (but lots of inquires). Anyway Corrie is also for sale, just as an aside.

Corrie is a, umm, heavy set lady like myself. To say she is an easy keeper is beyond an understatement. I think if I didn't feed her for the next year she would still be fat. She was used as a brood mare for several years and has the shape of one. Her last foal, he is 4 I think, is at the barn and is her team mate. So Corrie can be driven single or double. I actually enjoy driving her. She is a bit of a lookie lou, but honestly she has helped me get over a lot of things already.

I was nervous getting on a new horse, but with each new thing that makes me nervous, I am a little less nervous and it goes away more quickly. Actually I want to brag that I have been on 4 horses since my fall. Anyway Corrie started walking, s . . . l . . . o . . . w . . . l . . . y, I mean this girl made the walk into an eight beat gait. lol. Corrie's default is as little work as possible. I used to buy into this until we were driving one day and heading back to the barn. When properly motivated she can move her little buns. Today, not so motivated.

Yet, when I finally got a half way decent, okay maybe more of a 1/4 way decent, walk out of her, we had some fun. Steers like a cow, but has a really nice trot, once we get into it. Talk about the bottom tier of the training pyramid. She needs to work on rhythm. She does kind of know how to move away from pressure. Sort of gives her head, a little, if you really mean it. lol

So why do I say this could be the one? As I am getting her to trot, and she has this wonderfully rolly trot, I was laughing. I mean she needs so much work, but she is not taking off with me. I mean I have to MAKE her go faster. I think I could feel comfortable going outside on a trail ride with her. She just isn't going to say, "screw you I'm bolting." Her attitude is more like, "Really, it means this much to you? I guess, I could try, a little. Or not" Now she has spooked in harness, but really was easy to bring back. I just thought riding her, although hard work, was fun. And not scary at all. She is only going to get better.

Plus I can work with her for awhile. I have already driven several times, but I don't have to make my decision any time soon. I'd only be worried if someone came out to look at her. I honestly don't want to go looking for horses, only to find out that I saw them on a good day. Or that they are not the same when in a new place. I can work with Corrie at that barn for as long as I like if I buy her. And I would board her out there for a few months, taking driving lessons, and working on her issues. Once I get her home, we will already have a bond established.

I say I want a forward dressage type horse, but what I really want is a dependable, easy going, level headed horse. I know she can move forward, I just might have to ride with a whip. I know that she can learn, she is 12, but she can still learn. This the horse I can ride now. Is she the one, I can't say for sure yet, but I wouldn't be surprised.


  1. She sounds like a possibility!! She definitely sounds like a great one to gain confidence on. You may someday be ready to get a forward moving dressage horse, but for right now Corrie may be what you need. Would the owner let you lease her (or lease to buy)? You may not be happy with her once you gain your confidence back, so it's an idea (the leasing). I'm excited for you regarding your progress. I think you're doing fantastic!

  2. I've heard great things about haflingers. She sounds nice, but perhaps too pokey?

    You'll know when you find the right one...

  3. Very cute - how about a lease with option to buy - that way you could take your time deciding and wouldn't have to worry about someone else buying her in the meantime.

  4. Leasing is a great idea... But I love Haflingers! Not all are the dressage ring type. You never know though, she may become more sporty as you get her in shape.

    As you know I have a haffy myself and although no horse is perfect (he can get a pony-tude and spook too!) he has always been reasonable and I have always felt safe around him. He was my horse to gain my confidence back with, not because he was perfect (he was not broke!) but because the problems we had were all manageable.

  5. She sounds great. Kinda like our Sheba. Shes kind of like eyore, nothing bothers her and when something is concerning she has the "Oh bother" attitude.

  6. I love the part where you say that you laughed as you rode. When I went to test ride my new mare she made me laugh, too. That was when I knew I loved her. :)

  7. Oh wow! I just love how you described her! And I love how you say she makes you laugh with her quiet, but willing, slow personality.

    Apache can be like that, but now that we are working on our bond and we are trusting each other, she is giving me more of what I ask for...with much more generosity and forward movement. I never thought I'd be able to get her to tro, much less canter unless I used a crop or a pair of spurs, but she proved to me that she can. And I wonder if it's because she felt that I was ready and that I had proved myself to her that I was going to take good care of her?

    Maybe that is how Corrie is, too? With time and a close relationship, she will give you what you ask for with enthusiasm.

    Either way, it's so awesome to know you are riding a horse you feel safe on and that makes you smile and laugh.

    Isn't that what it's all about anyway?

    So happy for you!


  8. Oooh! I almost forgot to mention that we have something else in common, too.
    You said you were proud to say you had ridden 4 horses since your fell.

    I just have I!

    I got back up on Baby Doll the day after Christmas. I rode Rosie (the steady eddy), then Etta Bay (the next step up with a little sass), and then I rode my Apache!

    How cool is that!

    Way to go! Yay you!



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