Monday, June 28, 2010

Same ol, Same ol

I really don't know what to blog about. Life, in it's normal cyclical way, seems to be getting more complex. So much of it is personal crap that you really wouldn't care that much about, personal insecurities that pop up from time to time.

We reap what we sow. I hope that I am sowing beautiful wild flowers, but sometimes those flowers turn out to be weeds. Although sometimes it is just about how you look at it. I am hoping for the best.

Corrie is making progress, but she would make more progress if I were a better rider. I admit that it is frustrating sometimes to sit up there and wonder why legs and arms won't work the way they should. Then a few moments later I look down and Corrie is doing exactly what I what, a beautiful little bend around a circle, nicely moving away from my leg. Sometimes wonder if she is just throwing me a bone, 'cause then she is back to trying her best to be a peanut rolling western pleasure horse.

We started doing ground work, it really is a great non threating way to establish a bond with a horse. She learns my body language and I learn hers. Done well, good ground work almost looks like a dance. Right now Corrie and I look like we are at middle school dance just trying to not step on each others toes. Time and patience and soon we will be ready for Dancing with the Stars!

I have other things that are stressing me out, don't we all. So many things seem up in the air at the moment. I have a feeling that tomorrow will looks a whole lot better.


  1. Oh its one of those days. Im sure everything will look better in the morning.

  2. Actually I have to get past 2:45. . .

  3. Sounds like the horse stuff is going well, at least!

  4. Happy Birthday, Beth. Here's hoping you get to ride on your special day!

  5. I hope things worked themselves out. I know what you mean about posting personal stuff on the blog. For a while I was, but I got burned recently so it's going to be strictly about the animals from now on. I know this is horribly after the fact, but for some reason your blog wasn't showing up in my Google Reader, but here are some *hugs*!


Thank you so much for your positive comments. I love you hear from you!