Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Please don't stop the music

Yesterday I found my long (4 years) lost i Pod. As it was charging I hung out on iTunes and Equimusic finding music for the walk and trot. Armed with a walking and trotting playlist I decided I wanted to ride. Today I was so excited to try it out with Corrie. I decided that I wanted to ride and just went out and rode Corrie. Man I love being able to do that!

I went out to the barn. While I groomed Corrie, Cadillac Ranch pumped into my ears. When Redneck Woman came on, I was slipping my dressage saddle on her back. Just as I slipped her bridle on, my trainer came out to the barn. Corrie stood, ground tied, while we talked about this and that. Such a good girl. I didn't have a hand on her, who wouldn't want a horse like that?

I have been wanting to ride to music for years! I mean that literally. A song comes on and I wonder if it would be good for walk or trot. I think about how the horse would feel as we move together in time with the music. Today I finally got to do that.

By the way if you have a favorite song with the help of this beats per minute counter you can then compare that to your horses own gaits. Here is more information for how to do that. Right now I am just using generic w/t songs as I am trying to find Corrie's rhythm.

Besides the totally cool feeling of riding to music, it helps with rhythm. One of the suggestions in A Gymnastic Riding System is to do just that. I wanted to use the music to help me keep a rhythm with Corrie. Not only was it helpful, it was fun. Not that I was totally successful at keeping the rhythm, but we got closer!

And again it was fun! I had fun riding! Slipping my leg over a horse and being just alone has been something that I have sorely missed. She spooked a little here and was too interested in what was going on outside, but all that just showed me that she is a horse. She is not dead to the world. A little more savings, selling Abby and I think that I will buy Corrie. Hopefully before someone else tries to buy her first.


  1. Sounds like a good combination. I have never tried riding to music, I am always listening for dirt bikes or motorcycles if I am on the road.

  2. that sounds fun, I may have to try that. Of course that means putting music on my ipod.

  3. I'm soooo excited for you! I really hope the right person for Abby shows up soon so you can get Corrie and start riding all the time again. I'm so happy you're getting you're confidence back. :) It just took the right horse and the right trainer. :)

  4. Sydney: If you play the music on low you can usually hear a lot of outside noise. I can understand not wanted to wear it when you have to be aware of those things though. I have her in the arena now.

    Cystal: I get a few good albums and put them on my i pod and the switch them up.

    achieve1dream: Thanks so much! And you have been their since forever and really know how far I have come. Gee just thinking back a few months ago I can't believe how far I have come.


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